Direct flight to Australia from London

Well no, but it’s still being stuck on transport for a long period of time. Long distance flights have more leg space etc too.

That being said, I haven’t flown proper long distance since I was about 12. Ask me again after my Christmas trip to Chile and the answer might be different.

trains are a lot better. well more comfy, you can get up and move about.

planes are pish but the total flying time will be the same whether you stop or not. I’d probably prefer just to keep going once you’re on board and strapped in rather than changing planes and making the journey even longer.


no one’s answered my op yet, does this plane have a pub in it or not???

if not then I am NOT GOING! and that’s final.

what japes said. youre also breathibg toxic fumes the entire time youre on a plane

Drinks trolley?

is a drinks trolley a pub?

It is a place to purchase alcoholic beverages

Purchase? It had better be complementary booze on a 17 hour flight


I flew to Australia on a dry airline. Thank god for duty free miniatures.

I lived in Hong Kong as a kid and did several 13h flights. Used to watch Sppongebob on them.

I’ve been on a 24-hour coach journey from northern Argentina to the Iguazu falls. Paid extra for the comfiest seats but after about 15 hours the fun had worn off a bit. Also those buses have the worst films, I watched Taken badly dubbed into Spanish and then Big Momma’s House 3 TWICE as I assume the conductor had gone to sleep and let it restart. (They also showed Hercules featuring the Rock which looked like a lot of fun but by that point they’d turned the sound off so people could get some sleep.)

Definitely prefer to do a trip all in one than split it up though, the last time I went to visit family in South America I had to do UK to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Buenos Aires then BA to the city where my nan lives. Took about 26 hours in total and the bastards misplaced our bags for 5 days because of all the changes.

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flown direct from Melbourne to L.A - which i think is the longest flight (until this London > Perth one comes up)

it was 15 hours I think - didn’t find the flight too bad really, probably would avoid United for long flights again though - horrible food! I’d personally rather a long flight than waiting in terminals for hours on end