Dirk Gently (Netflix series)

Anyone watching it? Two more episodes for me to go and I’m really enjoying it. Totally bonkers and I’ve no idea how someone was mad enough to write it.

Seems ENTIRELY different to the BBC Four adaptation. Anyone read Douglas Adams’ books its based on?

Watched one episode and thought it was complete shite.

Yes I’ve read the source material. I’m not sure the show’s creators have.

Not seen any of the Netflix series, but I have read the books and enjoyed the BBC4 version.

I’ve heard mixed things about this latest one, but then again, the BBC4 one got slated by some, too.

Mrs HYG has been watching it, twice I’ve come home and seen the last 15 minutes of an episode. Completely, utterly baffling, and I feel like even if I watched the rest of it, it still wouldn’t make any sense.

I’d say that’s a fair summary. It’s the kind of show I usually hate, but
for some reason I’m just enjoying the character dynamics and sheer lunacy
of it

The first book is wonderful, the second felt a bit laboured.

I’ve seen some previous dramatisations and am struggling to remember exactly what I’ve seen and how good they might have been.

Might give this a go.

Just binge watched the final three episodes and can honestly say it was the best two hours of TV I’ve seen in a while. Takes agggeeeessss to start to make sense and not seem barmy, but its a great payoff when it how’s through the gears.

Gone from a curiosity to the best show I’ve seen in a while. (But be warned, I don’t admittedly watch many series)

Just finished this. Really enjoyed it. Kept expecting it to drop off in quality or start to get grating, but surprisingly it stayed solid.

Contrary to views expressed above, I felt it did a great job of presenting irrationality in a way that was mostly easy to follow.

It’s been 20 years since I read the books, so can’t remember, but I feel like the tv series is only very, very loosely based on them — as in, they both feature a character called Dirk Gently. Really, the only things I can remember from the novels is a guy on a horse for whom everything appears to be the exact same shade of pink, and the bill issued by Dirk Gently for saving a cat.

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I haven’t read the books but enjoyed the series.

Would it be worth reading the books now I know what happened?

Is it meant to sound rude?

watched it a while back, absolutely loved it. really great sci-fi TV, what dr who could be like if it was a bit braver & took itself a bit less seriously.

@keith apparently it doesnt follow the storyline of the books, its just based on adam’s universe or something, so i dont think the series has spoilers.


Good, innit? So glad at least one other person in the world enjoyed it!

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