Dirty Den


Woah I never knew this


“Not without controversy”

Bit of an understatement eh. I mean that’s the sort of thing that should appear in, I dunno, Lester Piggott’s obituary “his life was not without controversy, as in the late 80s he was tried for tax evasion”. Not for someone who actually murdered someone.



That’s literally the only thing I know about him (aside from him being in EastEnders and Fort Boyard).


I just knew about the webcam stuff

Why was he called Dirty Den? What was dirty about him? I thought maybe there was an alliteration theme what with Nasty Nick, but then remembered that was a guy from Big Brother (also alliterative). Perhaps Irritating Ian was also a thing.

Oh yes and Danny Dyer.

I just don’t know.

Wasn’t Nick Cotton in EastEnders also Nasty Nick?

All Nick’s are pretty vile when you think about it?

@NickDS, your response please.

^ I just typed this without thinking - I know three nicks who I love dearly.


Make that 4?

Didn’t he get Pauline’s daughter preggo or something?

I dunno I was born the year he originally left



Yes he knocked up acclaimed TV producer Susan Tully. But how clean was he while he was doing so, that is the salient question.

Should really have called him Unfaithful Den.

He also age Mrs Brian May divorce papers for her christmas present or something.

EDIT : yes I use this archaic and chauvinistic way of referring to people’s wives, what of it?