Dirty Den


s’up NOAH?








Anyone remember his post Eastenders show The Paradise Club? I only watched an episode of it because it had Bruce Dickinson in, playing against type as a rock star. I don’t even like Iron Maiden, but having an actual rock musician on mainstream TV was enough to get 12 year old metal fan me to tune in. From memory Dirty Den saves Bruce from having his hand purposefully smashed in a steel door as part of an insurance scam.

Looks like the whole episode is on YouTube…

Dunno why this is a reply to @Icarus-Smicarus

Koko closed (temporarily)

I think the only possible response in the face of such deep offense is a ban request.

Make it 2000 years this time.


He’ll be back in 10 years.


I have a vague memory of that. I think it was filmed at what is now called Koko in Camden Town but was then the Camden Palace.