Dirty Mug

How dirty is your work mug?

I wouldn’t treat anything else like my work mug. It never ever has a proper wash. Will rinse it in a sink maybe every fortnight, give it a bit of a rub with some blue paper. I only have black coffee in it so I reckon I’ll be ok but it’s not really acceptable behaviour.

I use the communal mugs because I am a man of the people.

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my old boss used to insist that the grime/stain added to the flavour of the coffee and he was absolutely gutted when a new cleaner came in and gave it a deep rinse, presumably with vinegar or acid, and it came out sparkly white. was like he’d been building a matchstick pirate ship for years and someone had knocked it over


appalling. Rinse it with cold water (no hot water tap available) and rub it with a filthy sponge that’s been here for months. Maybe once a month I’ll squeeze a bit of washing up liquid on to the filthy sponge as well.

I prefer mugs with a bit of memory on them

6/10. I only ever wash it if the amount of dirt is starting to affect the capacity of the mug, and usually one of my colleagues cracks and washes it for me before it reaches that stage.

Washing up liquid? Alright, Kim and/or Aggie.

My work mug says ‘chat shit get banged’ on it so in a way it is always dirty


Lemon juice

Did a bully smash all your penoid mugs?

I put my mug in the dishwasher every evening


My mother in law got me a hideous penoid mug for Christmas and we gave it to the chazzer without even taking it out of the box. It said GAMING in it in big letters and the handle was in the shape of a PlayStation controller.


well, you are a gamer.

Careful not to confuse it with the washing machine!!! Haha

No, apparently it said GAME OVER



You’ve got me there

The handle to mug ratio is all over the shop

looks like it would be really comfortable to hold


Is that when you have your penoid friends stay the night?

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