Too dirty to clean my act up!

This is a thread about grubbiness. It’s not a “filth thread” because it is about actual physical dirtiness eg “I’ve got mucky hands” or whatever.

It’s a freeform thread but to launch discussion I’d like to say that I really hate to have dirty or clammy hands, sometimes I’ll go and just wash my hands unprompted. I then need to ensure my hands are BONE DRY before I return to normal life.

What is your tolerance of grubbiness? Were you the sort of child who would always have mucky knees?

Talk dirt in here.


(This is what I was referencing in my “opening gambit” of course)

was it?

are they the lyrics then?

I was just thinking “what is the dirtiest thing I can think of?” then thought of Xtina in her bra.

Yeah, it’s the intro. Redman says it.

what’s a red man?

In hindsight, it’s kind of nuts that that video was just on telly at like 0930 sometimes eh


You’re better than this

you sure?

I will regularly have to change outfits in the morning due to dribbling toothpaste on myself and deeming my garments inappropriate work attire

I think I do that probably once a financial quarter. This morning I nearly dribbled toothpaste on my top but it went on my chin instead.

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Will you cover yourself in mud in preparation for a scenario like this or is it organic mud covering?

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Not really a fan of being dirty. Used to try to get mucky ASAP when playing rugby though so the psychological barrier to getting muddier was already smashed. Little elite athlete tip for you there.


I don’t really like to be dirty or covered in mud really.

As a younger man, my reluctance to get my hands dirty (in a very literal sense) probably led to my underwhelming take-up when it came to the manual tasks my Dad was so keen to train me up in. Subsequently, a recent decision to help my Dad out with an extension he’s building (as a “second chance” for him which I think he’s very grateful for) has seen me wear gloves and be accepting of the fact that my hands will be somewhat clammy and uncomfortable whilst helping out.

Other times where I’ve been ok about some mud have been when I’ve trekked and looked at chimps and gorillas but if I hadn’t been able to look at those guys I’d have been irked about the mud.

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I don’t really enjoy to get muddy during sport but, I also employ the tactic of “get mucky ASAP” when playing football in the rain.

Lol, this is a funny thing for you to have reacted like that to. Thank you though x

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(It also means that I get to clean my hands with Swarfega afterwards which really is the absolute pinnacle of hand cleaning products and has a very nostalgic smell to me)

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I was about to say: because Swarfega exists, no dirty is too dirty.

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I wouldn’t know because I definitely didn’t spend a significant chunk of my childhood regularly checking the one music channel on the off chance of that video being on

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