DIS 11-a-side football in LONDON - SEPTEMBER 7TH

I can probably reach out to CB Dave.

If we move the date. Those are my terms

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I had to follow the will of the people I’m afraid. Luckily @tuna is organising a game in Manchester which you might be able to make

The WhatsApp group is kicking off.


You are a terrible dictator of football

Yeah no one can make September, should probably change it

Sorry, this is my first DIS match - I take it you mean 2 squads of 14?

How many places are you likely to need me to fill?

Yeah 2 of 14 would be ideal. It’s a way away so will revisit and do a proper roll call a bit closer to the time, chances are we’ll need 4 or 5 to bolster the numbers


I’m in as long as you don’t do it at 10 am or something silly like that.


I could do July dates actually, if we need to change

also would need to come down the day before, so would need to figure out somewhere to stay overnight (if anyone I’m good DiS pals with can put me up, that’d be nice)

can’t believe I’m going to miss literally dave

won’t be playing but I have noted this in my diary* and may appear if you are in an appropriate** drinking establishment

*obviously I don’t have a diary, I have a spreadsheet that mostly tracks what sports are on with a column for occasional irl things
**don’t drink beer so seems unlikely as the beer mile is right there

So September 7th might actually be doable in London for me… Might tie it in with bringing the family down for a wee break and seeing friends.

Would be nice to see some old DiS pals and kick a ball around too I guess?