DiS 11-a-side football // Saturday 26 November // 4 PM



Jake S is MAYBE (late fitness test)


Oh gawd something has come up. I am now OUT. SORRY. In for 4/12 though


i’m IN please


Jem’s neighbour and Jem’s neighbour’s mate are IN


IN London anyway that day


Jem’s neighbour #2 is IN

This makes 22 confirmed players. Teams to follow tomorrow morning.




Fw Isaac
Fw Jake M
Rm Lawrence
Cm Isaac’s mate Ish
Cm Jem
Lm Chris B
Rb Richard
Cb Jimmy
Cb Dan O’Grady
Lb Jem’s neighbour Matia
Gk Andy ©


Fw Billy
Fw Rob
Rm Jem’s neighbour Andy
Cm Bilal’s brother Tarik
Cm Bilal
Lm Jem’s neighbour Andy’s mate
Rb James A
Cb El
Cb Bilal’s mate Hasnat
Lb Browny
Gk Arthur ©*

*) not for the whole game

Late fitness test (team t.b.c.): Loz and Jake S


Result: Reds 9 - Blues 7

for Reds: Richard (x7), Jake, Isaac
for Blues: Rob (2), Tarik (x2), Bilal, Andy, Mattan


A Right-Back scored 7 (seven) goals?


This sounds extremely silly


He played right wing.


If I’d been playing at right back there would have been many fewer goals.




It was, but in a fun way. If the groundsman hadn’t switched off the floodlights, the Blues probably would have won it in Hoogy time.

And Richard is under investigation of taking performance-enhancing substances before the game.


Way to one-up the Swansea-Palace match


Been a while since there was a good, proper silly match, glad to see a return for it despite not participating.