DiS 11-a-side football // Sunday 17 November // Regents Park // POSTPONED

Our Reds v Blues game at the end of September was a roaring success, so let’s do another one before the year is over.

Again, we will return to Regents Park for a game on grass. Please bring appropriate footwear. The cost will be £5 per person. Kick-off is at 2 PM, but please get to the main gathering point - The Hub - by 1:30 PM, as we won’t know in advance which pitch we’re on. And I need some help to carry the corner flags and the nets. And it will get dark early. And we got told off for returning the kit late last time.

As always, DiS Football is open to players of all abilities, ages and genders. And if you don’t want to play, attending as a spectator is always appreciated.

Please respond to this poll:

  • count me in, can’t wait to kick balls
  • not sure yet, can I get back to you on this
  • not now, but maybe next time
  • spectacular spectator
  • not on football book

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Also note that we have an international friendly against Cardiff City Journalists on Saturday 30 November at 12 PM. Separate sign-up thread to follow.

Hopefully in. Won’t know till much later though I’m afraid Hoogs.

It’s been too long since I played football with my friends from the community.


I hope you can come because you’re nice.

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Thank you, also you are nice and I hope I can come because you are nice.

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Yes please


Said maybe then flaked on the last few of these so this time I’ve booked my train tickets and cleared my diary for the weekend. I’ll be there


If anyone fancies a beer on the Saturday night I would also be around and interested for that


I have a pal who I’m staying with who is potentially available if needed. And a former Dulwich hamlet player for maximum dis ringer points

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We’re not particular high for numbers atm, although I haven’t started chasing people. Please bring both along.

Sorry. This was all a description of one person, just a horrible post grammatically


One ringer. Noted.

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If 18 people show up we should do 11v7, except the 7 have the semi-pro guy

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working :frowning:

That’s a shame.

I know, I really want to play more but I only get the occasional Sunday off, it’s the bar’s birthday this weekend so it’s gonna be a pretty mad one

I haven’t played football with him since university and I don’t think he’s playing much atm so he might not be that good. He was absolute mustard back then though

If he was ‘mustard’ at any stage of his life he’ll be an imbalancing factor at worst in this game, lol

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Would you like me to bring red, blue, or one of each down with me hoogs

Bring one of each please. Probably won’t know the teams until tomorrow afternoon.

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Teams will be announced later today. Just trying to bring a few stragglers on board.

Note that we do have access to the changing rooms tomorrow so no standing around in your pants at the touch line. If you get to The Hub look at the board, we will be listed as “Drowned In Sound FC”, and it’ll tell you what our changing room and pitch are.

Kick off is at 2 but try to get there for 1:30 PM.

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