DiS 11-a-side football // Sunday 19 January // Regents Park // 2 PM

I have had a look at your social media pages: you all have eaten/drank too much over the Christmas period. And I have the perfect remedy.

We will finally play our postponed Reds v Blues game from last November in Regents Park. It’ll be a game on grass, so please bring appropriate footwear. We have access to the changing rooms this time. The cost will be £6 per person. Kick-off is at 2 PM, but please get to the main gathering point - The Hub - by 1:30 PM, as we won’t know in advance which pitch we’re on. And I need some help to carry the corner flags and the nets.

Also note that currently we have two more games planned in the spring, on Sunday 29 March and Saturday 25 April. Separate sign-up threads to follow for those.

Will need to work out logistics of being able to play this whilst also seeing us get battered by Liverpool in the afternoon game but if I can do so I’ll be up for it.

That’s a 4:30 PM kickoff so our match will be long over by then.

I’m sure quite a few people want to watch that, so we’ll probably find a nearby establishment to watch it together.

With all the best will in the world and a genuine fondness and affection for my DiS Footy teammates (and opponents), watching Liverpool United in any sort of company is not for me.

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Sorry, messed up the poll in the OP. Let’s try again.

  • IN!
  • KEEN! but cannot confirm yet
  • OUT! (sadface emoji)
  • CHEERING! from the sidelines

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…yeah go on.

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mind you, I’ll have to be sure there’s defs going to be numbers for this before heading down!

let’s be having you.

So far the response has been pretty good, and I’ll do everything I can to get two full squads out.

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good to hear! :slight_smile:

in for March when that gets posted.

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I’ll endeavour to also come down in Smarch


Officially out, I’m afraid.

I’m out again. I’m just not ready for the journey down and back and everything, yet. really in quite a bad place with my mental health. sorry.

I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully we see you at one of the games later in the year.


Current status: 18 confirmed, 6 maybe.

Yeah go on!

Spoiler: I’ve not kicked a ball for months and am currently quite unfit. Gonna be an asset to whatever team I get put on

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We have 22 players confirmed, and a further 4 subject to a late fitness test.

Teams to follow later today (or early tomorrow).

Still in Arthur, just wondering what the chances are of the pitches being up to it?

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