DiS 11-a-side football // Sunday 24 September // 4 PM

Fitness test passed :+1:t3:

What colours are we wearing and that?

Numbers keep changing so I haven’t done the teams yet. If possible bring both red and blue, but I’ll bring the bibs as well.


Result: Reds 6 Blues 9 (2 - 2 at half time)

I think we got ten and you seven? If only all the goalscorers posted so we could add them up. Anyway, I walked past Royter in ripped swimming trunks and blasted in an 18-yarder. WE NEED RECRUITS

Sounds like you needed a solid defender or two there.

Next month, maybe.

Shoe-in for the end-of-season “smartest kit” award.

Those shorts were an absolute disgrace mate :smiley:

My gf almost refused to let me out of the house with them, but I prevailed, and you all bore witness. Time for a trip to Sports Direct

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I have no idea what they were like, but I’m I’m guessing something like this:

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He was running a very real risk of exposing himself to a minor

“Louis, you’ve come free at the side”

** dirtiest tackle

was taking some secret photos from the bushes, lads, and managed to catch adybongo doing this to tony

I don’t think I actually scored once, in spite of having about 15 shots. Most of which just went sideways. @jawstheshark got 3 or 4, I remember that much.

Can more people come to this next time so that it’s not quite so physically painful, thnx

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