DiS 11-a-side football // Sunday 29 September // Regents Park // 2 PM

The time has come to sign up for our first Reds v Blues game after the summer.

As the chances are that the weather is still pretty good, we will return to Regents Park for a game on grass. Please bring appropriate footwear. The cost will be £5 per person. Kick-off is at 2 PM, but please get to the main gathering point - The Hub - by 1:30 PM, as we won’t know in advance which pitch we’re on. And I need some help to carry the corner flags and the nets.

As always, DiS Football is open to players of all abilities, ages and genders. And if you don’t want to play, attending as a spectator is always appreciated.

Please respond to this poll:

  • count me in, can’t wait to kick balls
  • not sure yet, can I get back to you on this
  • not now but next time maybe
  • spectacular spectator
  • not on football book

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open wide for some SOCCERRRRRRR

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Should be IN but will need to confirm

I love that I haven’t been on DiS for a few days but for some reason felt very driven to visit literally this moment.

#MakeUThink #Spooky

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I am in Greece for this unfortunately for me / fortunately for you

Think I’m working in LDN on the 30th so will try to sort out a bed for the night and come down

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Bah. This is the same day that I’m doing a half-marathon, so I’m OUT.

If I’m not feeling crap, I may be able to pop along to cheer/hurl abuse at you all.

Oh shit sorry, I actually have a crucial Sunday league fixture, may potentially join for a beer at the end

I very likely can’t make this one unless plans change, sadly. My plans, I mean - I’m not demanding that you change yours!

15 confirmed so far, + 3 maybe

I think I should be able to make this one but helpfully won’t know for definite until Saturday evening/Sunday morning

It would be great if you can play but I’ll bear your situation in mind when adding up the numbers, i.e. I’ll make sure we have at least 22 without you included.

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haven’t been really paying attention to these for years - do you think there will be games organized in the new year?

As long as people continue to turn up I will continue to organise more games. I haven’t set any dates for next year yet, but there’s no reason to assume they won’t happen.

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OUT (Shin) I’m afraid…

Will definitely be around for the 10th November game, but probably none of the other scheduled ones for this year :japanese_ogre: <-- (yeah fuck it, I was going for sad face smiley, but Japanese ogre is a good summary of my feelings on the subject of only being able to make one of them)

That game has moved to 17th November. 2 PM kick off.

Thanks Hoogs,

Is the 30th Nov one still then? Also, are there any good gigs in London on the Saturday 16th?

Yes, that’s been confirmed.

It’s still some time away. The most interesting thing going on that night is Xylouris White, the collaboration between Greek singer and laouto player George Xylouris and Australian drummer Jim White (Dirty Three, Nina Nastasia, Cat Power, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and many others).


James Steele is interested too?