Dis 11-a-side Football // Sunday 29th January 2016 // 4pm


Whittington Park Football Pitch
Holloway Road
N19 4RS

Hello gang, it’s the first match of the season & those of you paying close enough attention will have noticed something strange - I am not Arthur. He’s had to step down for a little while & left a couple of us in charge of the admin & bookings & stuff. I hope that’s ok, I hope he’s ok, and that in time we can all build up a trusting and loving relationship.

After last seasons frankly RIDICULOUS climax of goals, goals, goals, maybe this first game back will be toned down a bit as we wobble along full of Xmas excess & regrets. Who knows? LET’S FIND OUT.

Numbers have been a bit low of late, so I’m giving you all a WHOLE MONTH’S notice.

The usual blurb:

  • we play on a full-sized astro-turf pitch
  • there are changing rooms and toilet facilities
  • 5 min walk from Archway tube station (Northern line)
  • 1 min walk from Upper Holloway train station (Barking - Gospel Oak line) THOUGH THESE ARE STILL NOT ACTUALLY FUNCTIONING
  • Buses 17, 43, 263 and 271 all stop at Upper Holloway train station
  • arrive at 3:30 PM for warm-up, tactics discussion, pre-match fags, team pictures, etc.
  • kick-off at 4 PM sharp
  • full 2 x 45 minutes and injury time + 15 min break
  • one team will play in red shirts, the other in blue
  • everyone can participate, the skills on display are wide-ranging
  • final teams will be announced in the week leading up to the game
  • 5 pounds each will be collected on the day
  • post-match analysis in the Landseer pub on Landseer Road (5 mins walk away)


26/02/2016 - Reds v Blues
19/03/2016 - Reds v Blues

We’re still trying to work out what’s best for future fixtures - it’ll still be these monthly RvB matches for sure but, y’know, ADMIN!


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I can play on Sunday, if I’m still allowed back in the team …




need a couple more for this one, get involved/get your great and not so good at football that they embarrass us mates involved



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