DiS 11-a-side Football // WV-HEDW Tournament in Amsterdam // Saturday 19 May and Sunday 20 May

Sportpark Middenmeer
Radioweg 86
1098 NJ

Drowned In Sound FC has an opportunity to attend 16th edition of the WV-HEDW football tournament in Amsterdam, taking place on Saturday 19 May and Sunday 20 May.

We need between 12-15 people to be able to go and compete, and of course if you want to come and be a cheerleader then you’re welcome too - Not sure there’s much to do in Amsterdam though.

Invites will shortly go out to everyone via other mediums.

If you are interested at all - please say here and reach out to me and/or @blind_pilot @wikihock

also cc: @aboynamedgoo

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In the past it has been between 200 and 250 not including flights/transport, but covering accommodation, tournament and kit.

Obviously inflation is a thing, but no idea how much, and don’t know if anyone is good at getting #Deals on hotels etc

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We did it on a tighter budget last year, and did flights, entry, shirt and accommodation (airbnb) for 250 #allin


My name is aggpass and I’m here to say
Played football in Holland on holiday



Return flights from Manchester - 85
Airbnb - 120
Shirts - 18
Tournament - 18

If I iirc correctly

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  1. And a goal from open play

that’s probably your cost saving tbf

Your airbnb sounds pretty cheap too tbf, but we had a hotel bed and breakfast which was well received.

(I’m not going to be handling hotels, it is not my forte)



Yeah we went for a place near the pitches to save money. Just got cabs home from nights out

and there is the money saved, spent. Much of a muchness innit. we had a place last time central but a direct tram ride, so pretty easy going and easy to get home.

that said, we stayed by the zoo and the kinderbeestfeast the year before that and it was also a good laugh.

About 2 euros a head per taxi back. Was definitely cheaper. But yeah it’s preferable to be in the centre

My mate Rudge (has played some reds v blues) wishes to subscribe to your newsletter (is interested in playing)

2016 costs (last time we went)

Return flights from London City - 93
Hotel - 159 (+ 12 city tax)
Shirts - 15
Tournament fee - 10

colour me interested, work/money provided. Maybe I’ll get a #bigmatchtrain

How are you guys doing. Very much want a grudge match

any other games coming up?