DiS 11-a-side Football // WV-HEDW Tournament in Amsterdam // Saturday 19 May and Sunday 20 May

I’ve been out of the country - going to follow up over the next week (before I go away again)

Not looking amazing - too many ‘oh maybeeee’ :man_shrugging:

Not a question for me, but probably for @yeahbitterns?

Sadly, can’t do the weekend shindig in Amsterdam, but keep me posted on any other upcoming matches and I’ll do what I can to attend.

This never garnered enough interest, however there is potentially one space on another team should anyone be interested. Travel is up to you to sort, but there is a bed for £132 available.

If so - please message me!

Hey EMO! Do you know if the Reds v Blues games still going? I’ve been keeping an eye out but have not seen any threads. I know Hoogy has been away, perhaps there has been a break? This doesn’t need to be aimed at you specifically!

(I’m at a wedding May 19/20th so can’t do this. Are you playing with Jem’s team?)

I will send back a photo diary of the byron house’s glorious title defense, don’t worry mates

Last year we struggled every time to get enough people for the Reds v Blues games and I have been away for a couple of months this year, so we have agreed to put these games on hold for the time being. There are no plans for future Reds v Blues matches atm.

We could consider starting it up again, but only if there are enough people interested to play …

I’ll be there to confirm your pitch time :wink:

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Thanks Hoogy, I thought that might be the case. That’s a shame but understandable!

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Pint? Sky lounge?

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I am definitely in should we go back to trying. even if it’s every other month or something

We won’t be defending our title btw, a former player is getting married that weekend so a few of our better players are at the wedding. My gametime will be almost 100%. These 2 things may be linked

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If you bastards start it up again when I move away from Whittington Park again I’mma be so mad

I’ve been eagerly awaiting any matches at all

I’m getting doughy as fuck


Very much this for me too

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Maybe a mid-week 5-a-side match would be easier for people to make these days.

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