DIS 2016 forum album of the year results

no lemon twigs or leonard coehn in the top 50?! you lot disgust me! :wink:

well played Prob500 for sorting all this out :slight_smile:

Good to see a whopping one of my five choices (Avalanches) feature anywhere in these lists - finger on the pulse…

Good work as ever however Prob :+1:

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I was shocked to see 2 of mine make it. Never felt so DiS.

You’ve changed man :-1:

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Think I was the only one who voted for Kano which is weird because I thought that album was highly regarded.

Just listened to the new American Football one and I think it would have been in my top 5 if I’d got round to it sooner. It’s lovely.

thought the whole idea of DiS was to let everyone know you listen to bands that no one else listens to?! :wink:


Christine and the Queens album actually came out in June 2014 so if it is featuring in AOTY lists for 2016 that’s just because people haven’t been paying attention

UK release was 2016

UK release date in 2016.
Obviously the real reason it shouldn’t be in AOTY lists is cause it’s :poop: :toilet: :poop:

That’s a bit artificial- even Pitchfork reviewed it in October 2015 and it was widely available well before then in this country.

It’s a good album, by the way

complete nothing music that people are getting giddy about cause of the backstory and her doing a dance at glastonbury, but each to their own

Surprising how low that Avalanches album is. I think if it had come out in November it would have made the top 5.

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It’s a decent, interesting pop album in my view, which is a perfectly honourable thing to be. Not suggesting it’s going to change your life or anything.

was surprised to see it hyped in so many places that don’t usually bother with pop, even my dad bought it (!), it’s a pretty nice album though and actually has tunes to match the production