DIS 2021 album of the year - THE RESULTS

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Have to say I’m really surprised at how popular that Cassandra Jenkins album is. Hard Drive is one of the best tracks of the year but the rest is just middling and mostly forgettable.


Hey What did absolutely nothing for me as well, and I loved Low’s previous one. But I guess people just really love Low.

Quite nice that Prioritise Pleasure won though.

The Ramble was my track of the year.

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That first sentence is me and Self Esteem. I’ve listened and listened and I just can’t get what people are flipping out over. My loss, I suppose.


I love The Ramble! Put it on headphones, close your eyes and you can see the bullrushes against a golden late summer sky, and feel a lover’s head on your shoulder and the sun on your face.

Crosshairs is also pretty magical. It’s a marvellous album.


Compliments Please is a better record tbf, but I also think Prioritise Pleasure is probably not supposed to appeal as much to music nerds (reckon she’d probably shed all her Slow Club fans if she could). It’s really good live and I’ve liked it a lot more since seeing her at Heaven.


This would be a fascinating list to see if you’re able to put it together (obligatory no worries if not). Have a feeling that my David Boulter #1 will end up in the 28 as he seems to have gained zero traction despite me frothing at the mouth about how great his record is.

Perhaps because of me frothing at the mouth. Hmmm.

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Good to see Fightmilk getting in that list and fairly high too. Brilliant album.

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Thanks so much for doing this!

I’ve not heard 12 of the 46 of which Halsey is the highest placed. Will check all 12 out this week.

I think this is a decent list and it seems more diverse than I remember in previous years - a better mix of genres, loads of women, not so white. Genre is in the eye of the beholder to a degree , but you could say that there are at least two pop albums, two jazz albums and two hip hop albums in the top twenty. Good stuff and thanks @Prob500


That’s a really good list.


I’m sure no-one else voted for Roy Montgomery’s Island of Lost Souls either!

Here is what Boomkat said about it:

“…joining the dots between Slowdive’s “Pygmalion” and Vangelis’s legendary “Blade Runner” OST. Seriously it’s that good.

Each piece is built from transcendent layers of reverberating guitar, dense with harmony and dancing with flutter. If My Bloody Valentine showed one extreme this suggests another, a crushing quietness where extremity is found in meaning, resolve and discipline. This is never more evident on the album’s epic closer, ‘The Electric Children of Hildegard von Bingen (For Florian Fricke)’, a track that honors the Popol Vuh founder and godfather of kosmische music, influenced by the 2nd century nun who inspired hundreds of years of music, science and theology. Musically, Montgomery wears his Fricke appreciation on his sleeve here, evoking fond memories of “Hosianna Mantra” with rhythmic, chiming strums that whirlpool into a blissful, transcendent abyss.

This is a cosmic corner of the musical universe that’s often visited but rarely respected or explored successfully. For some reason, the crossover with new age attracts rogue elements, but hearing Montgomery in his comfort zone just reminds us how supreme the dream pop/kosmische crossover is when approached with sincerity and caution.”

I also hear bits of Durutti Column too.


Yeah there is loads to like in the Cassandra Jenkins album, but there is quite a bit that irritates me or just doesn’t really connect too. Hard Drive is brilliant, although it is essentially built upon a really bad pun (probably why it’s so popular here :wink: )

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Feel like we should do a listening party…?

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Nice how Self Esteem is running home with like every AotY there is.

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You lads do like your extremely clean bleep bloops


The Anchoress has nabbed a few too (Prog, Yorkshire Post and a few others), and I’m assuming not many DiSsers heard the album :sunglasses:

I have the gold vinyl. It’s great.

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