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Just a little heads up in case anyone saw my social posts that I’m currently researching and tentatively speaking to a few people about rebooting DiS’ editorial and record label side of things as an “audio publication” (think: magazine covermount compilations)

I’ve spoken to a lot of artists since starting my consultancy in January, and there’s a real need for information and knowledge about how to release things, build fanbases, post online and so much more.

My plan is to focus on releasing

  • a new artist per month (compiled into a Class of 2023 compilation)
  • one essay per month (possibly serialised and also available as an audiobook - might see if I can find some fun people to read them!)
  • one educational / research podcast a month chatting to people shaping the future of the music biz (like the founder of Bandcamp, the fella who created Discover Weekly, etc).

The idea is still in its embryonic stages and likely won’t “launch” until January, but seeing what interest there is out there in my orbit for the concept because artists are really keen to do it and feels like something achievable that can benefit a lot of people.

Here’s the social post I popped out earlier (Emma Bunton and Papa M!)

And here’s a ramblin’ twitter thread about the idea I’m wrestling with, that I have been wanting to do for over a decade https://twitter.com/seaninsound/status/1537722342465478656


I’d happily read an audio book version of essays Sean, that’d be sweet.


good luck with it pal


thanks nups: thnups

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I really love the Sunday essays that The Daily podcast puts out. This one still haunts me a bit - really poignant moment where she talks about the rise of property prices and how she gets complaints if she puts up the price of a Bloody Mary

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Sounds like a good plan mate :+1:

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Yeah, was very Amazon-y wasn’t it?

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Ah that book is by NME ranter SWELLS Book Review: Steven Wells - Tits-Out Teenage Terror Totty / Releases / Releases // Drowned In Sound

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The Rock of Travolta is a band name and a half


Great band, saw them live a few times

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Hey The Rock of Travolta, rock it man! I knew you will. Do do do do do yeah


There were a lot of great band names around that scene at the time. Does anyone remember the Phil Collins 3?

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I love seeing The Scaramanga Six on that original webpage! Still going, now ten albums in, and I run their website.


Ah amazing. I love that of all the acts mentioned they’ve had lots of mentions on our social channels.

Pretty sure I saw them play with Lapsus Linguae

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Lovely people, brilliant band.