DiS Album of the Day Thread Day 30: Key Losers - California Lite

Day 1:

St Germain - Tourist

St. Germain - Tourist
Genres: jazz, nu jazz, acid jazz
Release: 2000
Submitted By: @NeilYoung

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I’d luke to be involved in this, however within the first few minutes of playing this, a certain special someone who’s very dear to me said, What the fuck is this jazz, followed closely with, when will this madness end. She does like the, I want you to get together bit though. On a personal note, i probably haven’t heard this since uni, so that’s nice. Gonna go for a walk now. Expect more of this brand of input in the future.


I approve of ur brand of input


Not even sure what i mean by that, which is what keeps 'em coming back for more.

Ooft good call this. Looking forward to revisiting.

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Am listening to this album now, on a very crowded train.

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On my earphones obvs. I’ve not brought a sound system onto the train with me. Though that could be fun.

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Who needs a soundsystem when you have phone speakers!

They’d be missing out on a tight bassline

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Who is making acid jazz these days? Big fan of this, Nightmares on Wax, and the jazzier moments from Red Snapper but feels like it’s gone totally out of fashion.

Listening to it on a pair of headphones in a beanbag.

Can say this album deffo fits this style of listening, this is really nice! Never heard this record before, or the artist even, pleasantly surprised. Like the mix of Jazz and a downtempo beat. Now excuse me, I got some head bopping to do

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I’m enjoying this a lot. Reminds me of the sort of thing Ninja Tunes were putting out around the same time - I still listen to this compilation quite a lot:

If anyone remembers the Toucan club in Cardiff - they played a lot of stuff like this there. Loved The Toucan club but it always seemed to be under threat of closure.


Loving the percussion on ‘Latin Note’, chooooon

Also if you haven’g to time to listen to full albums but would like to dip in for a sample of what’s been recommended so you can pick and chose the records you want to listen to then I’ll make a handy playlist featuring a single song off of each album. The song will be chosen based on the highest avg user score on rateyourmusic.com

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I used to love that album.

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I mainly wanted to include this album, because I remember loving it last time I heard it about 15 years ago. Upon re-listening a bit longer than I remember, but still enjoy that acid jazz sound.


Next couple of selections, totally deviations! Loving this thread.

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Oof, good choice! I first came across this album in a French supermarket on a family holiday. It was a selection on one of those listening tower things as I was waiting for my parents. I went back and bought the album a few days later.

Some killer tunes on here, not least the opener! Will dig it out for tomorrow’s commute :+1:


Yep great choice, this album has aged really well imho.

Brings me back to the late nights of playing Fifa in a smokey haze. Listening to this and Boulevard, Nightmares on Wax, Endtroducing and John Martyn’s Solid Air.

Good thread @anon73286315.

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Great choice of album. Spotify is always putting Rose Rouge on my recommendations and I do like it but never bothered to listen to the rest of the album before. It was a very enjoyable soundtrack to a less enjoyable late night in the office.