DiS Album of the Day Thread Day 30: Key Losers - California Lite


Screaming Blue Messiahs - This record was really good. Lots of different sounds and stylings coming out of a 3 piece band. Very Clash sounding at times, not a bad thing at all…

Swirlies- For some reason didn’t resonate with me as much as I thought it would as @funkycow reco’s are always great. Nothing bad to say about them but felt like I was listening to a Sonic Youth cover band at times.

The great Emmylou coming up next, know that one will be well received on my end. Although, I don’t know that I’ve heard this particular record. Looking forward to it…


Emmylou Harris - ‘Wrecking Ball’ phenomenal. Do remember hearing this awhile ago as I remember the great rendition she did of Neil’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ and couldn’t mistake that beautiful harp on ‘Sweet Old World’. Emmy and Neil were a match made in heaven musically. Always been a big fan of Emmylou’s country stuff, she has one of the greatest set of pipes in the alt country/country landscape, heck all of music to be honest.

However, for Emmylou purists this album is a welcoming change. Top notch production from Lanois with a darker leaning on the subtle electro/acoustic guitar touches. Emmylou’s voice projects like an absolute angel here with guests like Neil, Steve Earle, thought I heard Lucinda on a couple tracks. Great rainy day music or sitting on the back porch hearing the wind whistle through the trees in spring/summer type of record. Great choice and ironically Neil ‘American Stars and Bars’ up today!


Day 21:

Lemon Demon - Spirit Phone

Lemon Demon - Spirit Phone
Genres: Pop / Synthpop / New Wave / Comedy
Released: 2017
Submitted By: @Yesiamaduck

A goofy but infectious album, the sheer energy and number of hooks make a heavenly pop record with some really silly lyrics. The lyrics can sometimes be distracting but sometimes really funny, but the melodies and hooks here are undeniably fantastic. Had this album on constantly during 2017



Just catching up on this thread now. Skipping a few picks… :disappointed:

I’ve been meaning to check the Swirlies out for years. Most of the Swirlies back catalogue can be downloaded for free from here If you are into that kinda of thing…


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Guess I’ll just have to suggest another Neil Young treat. :joy:


Apanhador Só - Meio que tudo é um

Aphanador So - Meio Que Tudo e Um
Genre: Experimental Rock
Released: 2017
SUggested By: @Gert
Inventive and slightly mad Brazilian album with some nice acoustic bits and some frenzied rock bits. Bit like a modern day Os Mutantes.

@Gert this was your last selection, feel free to submit up to four more to retain your spot in the queue :slight_smile:


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Anyone who knows what theyre singing about feel free to illuminate


Day 23:

June of 44 - Tropics and Meridians

June of 44 - Tropics and Meridians
Genre: Post Hardcore / Mathrock
Released: 1996
Chosen By: @JoJoMarty
2. Was debating between this record and another of Fred Erskine’s bands, Hoover. He’s an unsung genius. Anyhow, a great record for fans of heavy bass, shouted lyrics and nautical metaphors.


Im wicked tired rn but this might be a good listen for tomorrow


Absolutely love this band although four great points shades it for me.