DiS Album of the Day Thread Day 30: Key Losers - California Lite


I had assumed that they were long faded into the mists of time, but I see they’re actually playing Primavera this year. Alas this seems to be their only listed gig…


Day 24:

Fionn Regan - The Bunkhouse Vol. 1: Anchor Black Tattoo

Fionn Regan - The Bunkhouse Vol 1: Anchor Black Tatoo
Genre: Folk
Released: 2012
Suggested By: @shinymcshine
Ultra stripped back but utterly enchanting.


Ooo forgot I’d put this forward. Have been rubbish at keeping up with this thread and I feel bad for only engaging when it’s an album I know - that’s not the point of this thread and I should be shaved, tarred and feathered.


I dont spare feathers for the likes of you :smirk:


Also being terrible at keeping up with this and mean to go back to sime, but Fionn Regan and ‘ultra stripped back’ his piqued my interest. I adore his first record but didn’t really follow anything after because I didn’t like the fuller instrumentation whst I heard of the second album hinted at.


I was already quite a big fan of this album, it’s probably his strongest collection of songs since his debut and the fact he recorded it all at home with a single mic is kind of inspiring.


Impossible not to think of Slint hearing this record. That’s not a bad thing. Early Fugazi comes to mind as well. Still a great sound, post/math rock stylized distorted guitars. I did prefer the instrumental tunes the most. Good rec.


Sometimes I think this is one of the hardest disses ever laid down on record:

You’re a business man / Wrapped in a kaftan / It’s all you’ll ever be / Go count your money / I’m a painter, you’re a framer

But yeah, dude’s an absolute treasure


Ive been out every night the last 3 days!
So I propose this is now only a weekday thing as I will be pre-occupied every weekend evening for the foreseeable future.


Day 25

Brasstronaut - Mean Sun

Basstronaut - Mean Sun
Indie Pop/ Chamber Pop
Released: 2012
Suggested By: @TVDenimChap
Rich jazz-influenced indie. Equal parts powerful and contemplative, with excellent musicianship. Contains a handful of my favourite tracks of all time


I was working at Tin Angel when they put this out in Europe. Happy times hearing the title track on Radio 1.


The title track is a good’un for sure!

Discovered these guys writing a review for Drunkenwerewolf (same as Merz up thread actually). Highlights for me are the incredibly moody Mean Sun, The Grove and the bombastic Falklands, which have all become staples in my playlists ever since.

Also got to see these guys at the Lexington not too long after, great live band.


Is there a bandcamp link for this and the Fionn Regan album? For some reason I can’t play any songs on the Fionn Regan record and only the first track on the Brasstronaut record. Not sure why that is.


I realize this message sounded extremely lazy as I can do such myself. To my defense I was driving :smile: I am now stationary and have found them on Bandcamp. Cheers!


The link for the Fionn Regan one didn’t work for me, but it was there when I searched for it.

Outside chance it could be a regional thing though… I have never really thought about if that is a thing with music streaming?

All moot anyway as you found them elsewhere so no idea why I am posting this :+1:


That was my thought as well that it may only be streaming on European services and since I’m in the US no luck. I did find it however and will be giving it a twirl later tonight.


Brasstronaut- ‘Mean Sun’. Good choice this. Really relaxed, chilled out, atmospheric record here. Great combination of sounds, dream pop slow burn vocals, jazz, folk, indie pop. Can definitely see myself revisiting this record…


Day 26:

Alcest - Écailles de lune

Alcest - Écailles de lune
Blackgaze / Post-Metal
Submitted By: @LastAstronaut
One of the first albums that pointed me towards atmospheric black metal and blackgaze. Beautiful shoegaze melodies with soaring riffs and, yes, some harsh vocals that may be a stumbling block for some. But, by golly I love this album!




@TVDenimChap Brasstronaut album was really cool :+1: