DiS Album of the Day Thread Day 30: Key Losers - California Lite


Used to like this album a lot. Worried going back in it’s going to be a bit So Rainbow Rhythms. One way to find out. Going in


Forgot about So Flute. Quietly certain Anchorman has ruined that song


Day 2:

Various Artists - Celeste Original Soundtrack B-Sides

Lena Raine/Various Artists - Celeste Official Soundtrack (B-Sides)
Genre: Video Game Soundtrack/Chiptune/Electronic
Release: 2018
Submitted By: @Yesiamaduck
Celeste is one of my favorite games of all time and that’s largely in part due to it’s incredible soundtrack. The soundtrack is split into 2 parts (A-Sides and B-Sides) and for my choice, I decided to go for the much shorter B-SIde collection which are all remixes of the A-Sides as I thought 1hr 45mins might be a bit much for an album of the day type deal.

New album every day at about 5pm!
If you would like to suggest an album (can be anything at all) please PM me (max 4 suggestions) I will alternate between users as best I can! Feel free to include a lil text blurb about why you chose the album as well (though this is optional)

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Looks like the boards are back up, so I had time to digest this one. While I will be the first to admit I haven’t played a video game since the James Bond four player shoot up (Goldeneye I think it was), I occasionally listen to some video game soundtracks. Mainly the ‘Far Cry’ series, as they have had great scores from Cliff Martinez and Hammock.

Had never heard of Lena Raine or this game for that matter, so I opted for the entire A and B sides to get the whole album feel. A little on the long side at 105 minutes, but didn’t find myself skipping over anything. Can say i definitely enjoyed this. Some darker piano driven classical tracks with a poppy, smokey synthesizer going on. I prefer the more darker haunting tracks like ‘Golden’ and the subtle ambiance of ‘Quiet and Falling’. Also, has a little Vangelis ‘Blade Runner’ type soundtrack thing going on at times.

All in all,for someone that doesn’t know anything about video games, the music here definitely piqued my interest. Fans of pulsating electronics, piano driven modern classical and slow ambiance all have something to like here. Good choice!


Wow that takes some dedication, as someone who loves the soundtrack and game I cannot imagine listening to both records in one sitting! The concept is the B-sides (in game) are remixed levels (harder versions of levels in the main game) which is why the music is remixed. The more you learn :slight_smile:
For those wondering the A sides (titled Celeste OST) is 1hr 40mins long! (Which is why I picked the B-side album which is a breezy 30mins)

Im wondering, did you just listen to the Celeste OST or the one I linked because the Celeste OST doesn’t include the material I linked as they’re two different records :wink:


I listen to 75% ambient and drone music, 90 minute albums are a breeze :joy:


Lena Raine is releasing her debut record (that isn’t an OST) this year from what I understand, part of the reason I posted this stuff because it’s a sound I want to hear more of.


I listened to this one.



But glad you heard it, the other one (which is the one I wanted you to listen to is much shorter and has completely different material!)

Yes this game has two OST’s :smiley:



Whoops! Not sure why I mixed that up! Still enjoyed the longer one. I’ll listen to the shorter one after dinner however.


It’s a lot more immediate and less broody compilation so it should be different enough that it’ll not feel like you’re retreading ground :smiley:


Oh Jesus, B sides are hyper sensitive electronic overload. Feel like I’m driving in Mario Kart all over again. Definitely prefer the longer Lena Raine soundtrack.


Yep, another vote for the A sides. I found the B side remixes a little too busy for my taste, whereas I’m enjoying the minimalism on this. Might not have time to listen to it all today but it’s soundtracking my commute nicely :slight_smile:


Guess i shouldve opted for the a sides lol :joy:

I just didn’t want to recommend an album the length of a motion picture (i prefer the a sides too but really enjoy the b sides as well)


Oh no this is impossible to listen to at work!


Do what everyone else did and listen to the main soundtrack instead lol


My game of the year last year: absolutely heartbreakingly good story (despite being really simple) combined with pretty damn challenging platforming (you get a real sense of achievement when you complete a level unlike a lot of modern ‘hold down this button to win’ games).

One of the reasons why I loved it was the soundtrack: great pick!

Nintendo Switch Thread 2: This is now the Reggie Memorial Thread

Madelines chirps are still the most adorable things ive ever heard in my life. Spent the whole gane wanting to give her a cuddle, mostly because i could relate to her so much


This is great.