DiS Album of the Day Thread Day 30: Key Losers - California Lite


I love this one more and more each year, it’s bursting with sad energy. That part after the guitar solo where he comes roaring back in with “READ ME LIKE AN OPEN BOOK” and the drums build is so intense.


Also, anyone who loves Blackstar by Radiohead should love the title track. One of the greatest songs ever, I love how the music and the lyrics flow and build together. He’s such an underrated songwriter.


Brilliant album. Having loved ‘August and Everything After’, to me this record proved that not only were the Crows a formative band, but that Adam Duritz was one the best songwriters of the 90’s. ‘Goodnight Elizabeth’ could be one of the greatest tracks of the decade.

The lady and I saw them last year on tour with Live, still phenomenal live performers. Didn’t follow them much after their first 3 records, although I still love re-visiting 'August" and this one every now and then. Great choice.


Hey @juke, this Stina Nordenstam album is really great.


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Yes, I love all of Emiliana’s work :smiley: So good shout.


aw so glad people like it!


Its really great. after the 3rd track put it into my library as I see it being a permanent fixture!


I had listened to an album of hers a while back, I knew her from the song she sang on for Mew (Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years from Frengers) but I couldn’t really get into whatever album that was and forgot about her… this record though, hooked from the first track, everything about it works so well and her voice is the best.


I love the simplicity of songs like ‘On Falling’


I could see her voice being a Marmite thing, I doubt it’d be for everyone. But I love it.


I like that Mew track too. She pops up all over the place, she did this with Vangelis back in 1996. It’s gorgeous. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieQqZqyFG-w


She’s also incredibly reclusive - according to Mew themselves (during their Frengers gigs last year) she’s basically disappeared now and they don’t know where she is or what she’s up to.


Cointing crows sadly not doing much for me. Not a fan of the vocals, album starts faorly stromg but i find it a bit of a slog overall sadly.


just catching up with some of these. this one is a very cool listen.


Day 7:

Primus - Sailing the Seas of Cheese

Primus - Sailing the Seas of Cheese
Genres: Funk Metal/ Alt Rock
Released: 1991
Submitted By: @NeilYoung

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Awww yeah, can’t wait to see how this one flies over!


Well I’m a massive fan of The Residents and considering how heavily influenced they are by them I’m sure it’ll go over just swell for me. I been actually mean meaning to listen to this record for ages.


Think this is the weakest Primus album personally, Here Come the Bastards and American Life are massive tunes though.


I was contemplating ‘Frizzle Fry’ or ‘Pork Soda’ (both fav’s of mine) but settled on something a fewer might know. If for nothing else on this album just tune into Les’s bass solo 5 minutes into ‘Fish On’. God amongst men.