DiS Album of the Day Thread Day 30: Key Losers - California Lite


Working my way back, to start, really digging this Frankie Sparo. Never heard of the artist, down-tempo low fi post rock with a hazy Jason Pierce Spirtualized/Spacemen 3 vocal thing going on.
Sounds like it was made in a haze of drug induced pub crawls. That’s a good thing.

Going right to the Cars Candy-O next, as I love the cars and haven’t heard this disc in ages.


Candy-O. A. The cars are just one of those bands where the music seems so simple, but it’s deeply complex to me. Just such great catchy rock and roll songs. Just like they walked into the record company and we were like “listen guys we are simple, straight forward, but every tune will be a digital rock and roll gem straight ready for radio air play”


Onto Seafood now, maybe I’ve had too much to drink tonight but sounds like a British version of Incubus. Three songs in, hope it improves.


‘Pleasure Head’ Fabulous track, improving indeed…


Seafood. AHH see now this why you listen to full albums. Started out slow for me, but man did it improve with every track to finish the record. Great songwriting, can have your acoustical beautiful ballads 'Desert Stretched Before the Sun", to go right into gorgeous shoegaze territory with ‘In This Light You Will Find Me’ (loved the female vocalist singing quietly at first to belt it out at the end of track). Alt Country subtle spoken word of ‘He Collects Dust’ and the Tom Wait’s-y/ meets Animal Collective troubadour ‘Clouseau’ track to end.

Fantastic rec, will re-visit their whole collection.

On a side note, what a fucking VOICE the lead singer has…


wow this residents album is fucking hurt to start. I love it.


God fucking awful album cover though…


Residents: Animal Lover: Completely fucking bonkers of a record. What was going on at the beginning of that record? who knows but I was glued. I remember talking to you about this, these guys should definitely tour with Primus or Estradasphere (@Yesiamaduck, check out their album ‘Buck Fever’ from 2001, guitarist one of my best buds, think you would love their record).

Album started off completely insane but got quiet and jazzy (there were some SERIOUS jazz riffs going on), I was mystified. My girl said to me “is this the same band you were listening to a half hour ago” I said " I think so". That’s always good in my eyes.


I don’t know why but I just cant get into the Silversun Pickups, have given them repeated listens just doesn’t resonate for some reason. However, I will say their drummer is filthy.


I still want to know how @TAFH33 pick of Machina was disallowed :sweat_smile:? It’s on spotify and its a great record.


sorry for all the posts in a row but I was in a zone…


I’m probably the biggest pumpkins fan on these boards, but 3.2k messages way too many to read through.


Glad you enjoyed Sparo! You should try his other album too, there is some really cool stuff going on in the arrangements on it which expands on the palette of My Red Scare and then in the middle of the record there are two gloriously incongruous messy rock songs before things mellow out again (for a bit, there is one tabla and strings driven track which builds brilliant tension).

Thanks for listening!


What album might that be?


It is called Welcome Crummy Mystics

It was a coin toss as to which one I chose to out forward to ducky, I love them both equally.


I’m going to listen to it right now, really dug that my red scare record.


make sure you get more than one pick in for your record selections! It just cant be me and @Yesiamaduck for the rest of the year!


Will probably just offer up three more under appreciated Constellation Records gems, not sure I have much else to offer.


Sweet Godspeed You Black Emperor! never hurt no one :joy:


Would be more like Pat Jordache and Elfin Saddle tbh.

Feel a bit off suggesting too many albums though when I haven’t gotten around to listening to most of the ones in this thread :no_mouth: