DIS album of the year - predictor thread


What will it be? And how different will the user poll result be?

Interesting to see a fair few shouts for Lorde on our Facebook thread


well it won’t be jen cloher
which is a shame as that appears to be greatly overlooked in the EOY polls so far
only rough trade have had it in that I can see


Kelly Lee Owens would be good.

For me the best albums this year probably came from Ibibio Sound Machine, Sinkane, Slowdive, Moon Duo and Snapped Ankles.


Paramore or some shit


What’s all the fuss about KLO? Giving it a few spins at the moment and it sounds like early Warp with some by turns Seefeel / Grimes vocals. And not exactly overwhelmed with interesting tunes or textures either. Will persevere…


Yeah a very DiS record. Solid top five I reckon.

I’d like DiS to show some love to the Seamus Fogarty record coz it’s lovely.


Championing Just Good Pop™: still subversive in 2017.


Converge. The Weather Station or Kelly Lee Owens. # bold predictions


Something quite boring probably but that’s ok.


It’s in my top 10, but I’m aware that my other choices aren’t necessarily that popular with the average DiSer. It’d be a nice foot up for her I guess - better than giving it to Lorde :slight_smile:


protomartyr got a lot of love on the site and the boards (deservedly)


I’m thinking maybe Perfume Genius


will eat my proverbial hat if this happens


that was mostly just me shouting


John Maus ‘Screen Memories’ and the new GSYBE are my albums of the year. Surprised that they’re not mentioned in many of the lists I’ve seen


I reckon:

  1. Kelly Lee Owens
  2. Thundercat
  3. Hooray For The Riff Raff (or a similar curveball of an artist not mentioned here much).

The Riff Raff album is brilliant by the way.


You lot are all


Gonna be Lorde then


I just thought, are you lot predicting what DiS writers will pick or forums?


I dunno