DiS Amsterdam Meat #1 14:30 Sunday 4th Feb @ Drovers Dog, Wibautstraat 206



Hey DiS.

Obviously, this thread is not applicable to the majority of you, but I’m sure that won’t stop you posting, which is fine but…

Sunday 4th February (this Sunday)
Drovers Dog, Wibautstraat 206, 1091 GS Amsterdam, Netherlands
feat. @ghostpony & @Mr.Lady

DiS Meat in The Netherlands.

Drinks or no drinks, all good either way. All welcome!


DiS meat? Ham* DAMN!


Cant make it, sorry


I’ll put you down as ‘tentative’



I’d have thought you’d have had enough of Australia by now.


Only word I understand in this is “Sunday”.



I’m acclimatising one step at a time.

Removed another cork from my hat today.


That’s the spirit


FYI they do brunch until 4pm


A liberal definition of the word brunch, but I don’t make the rules up.


One more sleep!


Was a lot of fun! As expected, @ghostpony & @Mr.Lady are both certified #gbol