DiS Amsterdam Meat Saturday 11th August 17:00 @ Vegan Junk Food Bar (De Pijp)

Vegan Junk Food Bar,
Marie Heinekenplein 9,
1072 MH

Currently starring @Owensmaterob @ghostpony @Mr.Lady & @ma0sm.

There may also be a SECOND Amsterdam meat on 19th August with Owensmaterob replaced by @shrewbie & @ma0sm replaced by @aboynamedgoo (though details still TBC with that one, and if it happens, it will have it’s own thread).

Are you coming? Are you coming? Are you coming? Are you coming?

  • I will be there!
  • I am thinking about being there, but need to work out the logistics.
  • I will not be there.

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Amsterdam meats sound fun


Quick, change your travel plans!

Haven’t booked my final flight home yet so I’ll maybe get one that changes in Amsterdam. Would really like to go to Bloemendaal for a hockey match too one day.


I think this would be a really good idea, and would like recommend that you do it.

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will only be in Groningen that day.

Why are you going to Groeningen? Fracking?


Sack it off and go to Amsterdam instead, it’d be a better use of everyone’s time.

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Might very well be able to make this, weirdly! Will check dates/my route…


Fuck yeah!

I’m cycling through Belgium at the moment and will be cycling through a big chunk of the Netherlands shortly after.

Anyone live in Brussels? @shrewbie maybe?

This gunna be great! Word of warning though, the Junk Food Bar gets rammed on the weekend, so we might have to be prepared to wait a while.

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Oooh, no reservations either. Hmmmm, see how it goes I guess.

Yeah worse comes to worst, we could grab take out and then go sit in the park or something.


Anyone got a couch or floor or garden that I could sleep/camp? I would stay at my friend’s but would fee weird rocking up then disappearing off to meet internet strangers and would have to invite them which would then mean me explaining what DiS etc etc

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I don’t yet but watch this space!!!

You’d be welcome to come back to Nijmegen with me at the end of the night and stay at my place, but someone else might be able to offer a more convenient alternative!

I certainly shall, thank you!

And @ma0sm also thanks but I’m staying in Amsterdam/Utrecht sunday before cycling towards Germany. If the offer still stands for later that week I could certainly take you up on it?

Yeah, absolutely! I’m working during the week, but you’re absolutely welcome to stay over as part of your epic journey.