DiS Amsterdam Meat Saturday 11th August 17:00 @ Vegan Junk Food Bar (De Pijp)



Yeah, absolutely! I’m working during the week, but you’re absolutely welcome to stay over as part of your epic journey.


So, this definitely going ahead?


Yup :slight_smile:


cartman voice


Just came here to bump this

Looking forward to hanging out with you all tomorrow!!


Having been complaining about the heat roughly every seven seconds for the last two months, I am doing a shameless U-turn and praying for sun tomorrow.


Any word on this, shroobs? Just thinking about a backup plan if it doesn’t work out


See you soon guys, gunna be wild!!


I’m currently shopping for a roll neck jumper and a gold looking chain in shops in Nijmegen and not having much luck. Anyone happen to know if I might have better luck somewhere in Amsterdam


The internet is your friend


Wish I could come to this. Have fun everyone.


Afternoon gender-neutral lads. I may be there closer to 5:30, hope that’s OK.


Currently basking in the sun at a table at O’Donnells (I know…) vegan JF bar not looking too rammo, there’s even a free table outside right now!


I’m on the train somewhere between Utrecht & Amstel, ETA almost bang on 5.


Few delays, I am 30minites away, sorry!


I’m here but I don’t think I know what anyone looks like apart from @ma0sm


You need to go around asking 'Are you from the Internet? ’