DiS back on the radio on Monday

In case any of you wanna tune in or request a tune

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Do You Wanna Hit It by The Donnas, please.

We’re on air now if anyone fancies a listen http://www.sohoradiolondon.com

soho radio
oh, something from Age of Adz
very on brand sean

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Can you ping me if he plays The Donnas, please? Ta.

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If by The Donnas you meant Young Fathers, then you just missed it.

Sorry. The Donnas didn’t really fit with our Glastonbury 2019 prediction theme (and the 45 mins I had to frantically download files for the show)

You can listen back here, I’ll post the tracklisting later

Ahm oot

Predicting disintegration in full was… bold

I’ll happily stick a fiver on it happening (too skint to put more down)

At Glastonbury? I’ll take that action