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Sup fellow Beer Wankers

I have been tasked with organising a mate’s birthday on Saturday, namely doing the Bermondsey Beer Mile.

Who wants to tell me the best way of doing it? I think the Kernel have closed their tap room now right?

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its National Drink Beer Day today

is it really? I have a bottle of Rogue Yellow Snow IPA in the fridge at home. would be rude not to I guess.

it is indeed!

sup on

I prefer doing it from Fourpure.

Aye, the Kernel taproom was closed down a good while ago now as they didn’t feel they could safely handle the numbers turning up. The mile is pretty good fun but can be overrun with twats who clearly don’t care about the quality of the beer and whinge relentlessly about the fact the most of the breweries don’t serve pints.

In practical terms, if you’re planning to include Fourpure (and I would recommend you do), then I’d suggest starting out there as it’s a fair distance from everywhere else, heading back via Partizan, Brew By Numbers, The Bottle Shop, Anspach & Hobday, and if you like cask (which I don’t, but horses for courses), Southwark. You’re then at the biggest cluster of breweries/toilets and also nearest London Bridge for when things wind down.

Anspach & Hobday are doing some sort of Oktoberfest special this weekend, was planning to head down there Saturday afternoon.

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Apart from a beer festival in November I am not going to have a drink until Christmas… I will get some good shit in then though!

Great, I love Fourpure so will definitely start from there.

Dare I ask how early it’s advisable to turn up…?

I reckon start at Fourpure, then Partizan, Brew by Numbers, Ubrew, Ansbach & Hobday and finish at Bottle Shop on Druid Street. I am a big fan of Kernel, but the tap room is no great loss as it was over popular and closed at 2pm making timings tricky. Some new stuff may well have opened. Have a great day!

They open at 11, so…

Everywhere will be rammed by about 1pm, so unless you’ve got evening plans you need to be standing up and/or vaguely sober for I’d get started early.

As others have said, if you want to do the whole thing, start at the Fourpure end, it’s a 5min walk from Surrey Quays overground. I’d advise going as early as you can, as it always takes longer than you think to get everyone together and move on.

I went to BBNo and the Bottle Shop on Saturday and they were both dead at midday, so maybe the season is kind of over? IDK.

Also, Eebria have a taproom thing by Partizan now, usually have six random beers on tap and range of cans, bottles, etc.

Also, in general beer wanker chat: my blog (Beer and Present Danger) was name checked by the mighty Boak and Bailey last week!

Will do - thanks for the help everyone! Will report back around 2pm when I will invariably be hammered.

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Two weeks until indyman! They’ve made all beers the same price this year, which I have mixed feelings about. It means the imported ones aren’t ridiculously priced, but might mean some of the local breweries who don’t go over 5% get completely ignored.

They won’t when they’re the only things left by Saturday lunchtime.

Nah, they split a lot of the breweries between Thursday/Friday and Saturday/Sunday, and it’s not everything on at once, so there’s always loads of good stuff still on by the end of the Saturday night.

20 tins of stella artois each (pint size).

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What session you going to.

I’m saturday morning

Goes on sale saturday night, went last year was amazing