DiS Beer Wankers 2.0

I thought it tasted like spiked Lemon Fanta. I loved it.

Had Human / Unhuman last night, liked both but didn’t love either, and didn’t really see what the Unhuman had over the Human… Followed it with a To Ol DIPA Underground and think I preferred to either of them.

Also had Siren Bourbon Milkshake which is an odd one, tasted kind of like super sweet tawny port. And a Mikkeller Breakfast Vanilla Shake thing which was lovely.

On the DEYA Steady Rolling Man… I mean, it’s good, but I think I paid nearly £5 for it and it was limited to one per customer… it is definitely not that good.

Newcastle/Leeds frequenting beer wankers, im on tour in your towns this weekend, where should I go to he a beer wanker? I’ll be at head of steam in town for Newcastle (not sure where I’m staying yet mind) and Hyde Park for Leeds.

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Brudenell Social Club has really good beer these days, still cheaper than anywhere else too.

For somewhere more beer focussed the short walk to city centre is your best bet, Top 3: North Bar, Friends of Ham, Bundobust.

Second all of @jardin.

Don’t really know that much up Hyde Park but in the centre there is also
-Whitlocks ( this and duck and drake are more ‘traditonal’ pubs but highly recommend it)
-Tall Boys ( mainly a bottle shop but can sit in)
-Northern monk refectory (might have some stuff leftover from hop city)
-little leeds beerhouse (another bottle shop that I think you can sit in)
-headrow house (though pretty expensive)
-the social
-duck and drake
There’s loads actually, belgrave is good if it’s sunny, all the leeds brewery pubs are decent.

Sela and Wax bar near North bar are ok also.

Theres also the north brewery tap.

Eat at bundobust too, it’s the best.

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Aye am aware brude has always had decent stuff on for cheap, that place really amazed me, maybe I’ll walk round to watch football if we get there early enough.

By the looks of it, Hyde park book club (where I’m playing) has a wee bottle shop too?

Hyde Park Book Club has some beer, mainly the North Brewing stuff, but it’s more of a sit in place I imagine and the prices reflect that. There’s a decent bottle shop on Cardigan Road next to co-op, can’t remember the name though, used to be Village Video.

I forgot a strong contender in the city centre: Turks Head. Nice bar. Always impressive draught list, around 15 taps. It’s next door to Whitelocks but more craft focussed. Outside seating too.

do you mean by sit in prices it’s more expensive?

Hello I’ve just moved from Leeds to Newcastle. I think @Unlucky covered Leeds really well. Would especially reiterate Northern Monk (worth eating My Thai there), North Bar, Brudenell. Pizza at Tapped is really good too, and Bundobust is brilliant for both (vegan/vegetarian) food and beer (£££ though). I like the Northern Brew Co. Tap but it’s usually completely dead unless there’s some kind of event on.


Head Of Steam itself is really great for beer but really pricey. Nice place to drink so worth it.

Most of my favourite places are a bit out of the city centre - though I’ve not been to the Town Mouse Ale House and Box Social (both microbreweries), and they’re supposed to be good. The Split Chimp is ok - that’s five minutes from HoS)

10 minutes from the head of the steam - down to the quayside - and you’ll get to The Crown Posada (2nd favourite pub in Newcastle. Good but not amazing for beer), and around there there’s also The Bridge Tavern which is pretty good.

Wylam Brewery in Exhibition Park is really good on a nice day, and imo they’re really starting to excel in beer - I wasn’t fussed about a lot of their range for a long time but they’re doing some amazing stuff this year. Along with Jakehead, Hickey The Rake, WXY, Pieces of What (all excellent), they’ve just brought out a DIPA (Sticky Bud) and a New England Pale (Into The Mystic) which are both really nice.

Bottle shops - Rehills in Jesmond has an incredible selection of beer at amazing prices. I hear Champion in Heaton is a great bottle shop though i’ve not been yet. Glug in the grainger market is ok but ridiculously pricey.

If you’ve got time to head out a bit, feel like Ouseburn is basically the centre of the world for excellent pubs/beer (30 minutes-ish walk down the quayside from the HoS). The Free Trade Inn is the greatest place in the world and always has an amazing selection on tap, Tyne Bar is decent and usually has good stuff at a reasonable price (will usually have Wylam on tap), The Cumberland Arms doesn’t always have the best beer (not bad tho) but is just a really lovely place just worth visiting. Then there’s The Cluny etc too. A bit further down Walker Road is the new Tyne Bank Tap which is alright, really reasonably priced, but not great beer imo.

Local beers worth drinking - Wylam, Almasty, Errant.

Bloody love it here tbh.


I’d also recommend Bierrex if you’re in the middle of town in need of a wanky beer in a place that isn’t Brewdog - normally has about 20 beers on keg and the staff have always been knowledgeable & friendly if you sit up at the bar (banging BBQ as well in there)


awesome, cheers man, I’ve had a fair amount of wylan and almasty already up here and have generally been impressed. I’ll keep my ears and eyes open. I’d love a cheeky visit of Rehills but I doubt I’ll have the time this weekend, we shall see!

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I somehow have no knowledge of this place at all. Will check it out

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definitely, definitely try the food - i would say it’s the best BBQ i’ve had in Newcastle, which weirdly has loads of BBQ places (Bierrex > Longhorns >>>> Red’s) (although Longhorns is good and always has Jakehead on tap iirc)

Leeds also has a Head of Steam which is just across the road from bundobust really. Also, there’s another ok bar just further down the same road called Bah Tap.

Forgot the adelphi, which is one my favourites but can feel a bit out of the way.

I’m off to Belgium next month and will be drinking lots of beers probably, and staying in Belgium’s smallest brewery, Inter-Pol at La Vieille Forge. Cannot wait.

What’re your favourite Belgian beers?

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Orval for me, Clive.


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All of them.

St Bernardus 12/Rochefort 10 (close ish to where you’re staying) are my favourites. But have loved stuff from De Struise (especially the Quads), De Dolle, Hassens, Tilquin, Westmalle, Vliegende Paard, Westvleteren and Halve Maan.

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Copenhagen trip booked. Gonna go bankrupt myself at mikkeller bar/ BRUS safe.

Also, we got a sample of the glenfiddich IPA cask aged single malt experiment today. Fucked if the IPA adds anything but its really really nice. Citrus and blood orange-y.

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