DiS Beer Wankers 2.0

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Anyone been to the Tiny Rebel brewery? Going to Cardiff on a stag do tomorrow and passing Newport. Worth a trip in?

Not been, but like their beers a lot.

I haven’t been out in Cardiff for so long, I have no idea what the beer scene is like there.

I’ll let you know. I’m sure we’ll visit a Yates bar or two.

Estrella Galicia is in most Spoons

Newcastle has a new bottle shop in the central station. Basically the perfect place for any bottle shop as #trainbeers are the best kind of beer.

Lots of great local breweries, a few interesting ones from elsewhere, a shop dog and really nice owners.

Great place.


There’s one right by the station! (Or was, I’m so out of touch).

Easy then. One pint of piss lager please barman

(We have a Cardiff resident with us, so should get to some good places)


<3 Tiny rebel

Staypuft marshmallow stout
banoffee dunkelweisse
Cwtch red ale
Fubar pale ale
Clwb tropicana
Juice tropical pale
Dirty stop out outmeal stout

Top beers

and Captain insano!

@rich-t as a fellow Dark Star fan, have you had this?

The Radius Arms have it in. Might pop in the way home. I’ve had a shit day.

No I haven’t, but I’ve heard good things from friends over West Sussex way that have

I think I deserve some of this tonight. I can’t wait for the Dark Star Brewery shop to open in Crawley. Hopefully should be open later in the month.

Nor can my mate who lives in Bewbush on the outskirts of Crawley.

It’s fucking disgusting, honestly. Don’t usually just rate beers as trash, figure they’re for different tastes, but this is really, really horrible. Cloying, artificial coconut flavours, really thin, just not nice.

And Union case came, love the glass.

Also got evil twin - molotov cocktail, green flash -palate wrecker and blue point - hoptical illusion

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molotov cocktail is lovely lovely, enjoy!

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I have to say I’m really enjoying this. The guy did warn me it’s different and offered me a taster first. But I really like it, it is very coconutty but that’s fine by me. It’s really fresh and refreshing

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Ok well now you seem very reasonable and I look very unreasonable, perhaps because that’s true. I wasn’t expecting it to be a ‘pina colada ale’, I just ordered it 'cause it’s a new dark star so perhaps it was being blindsided that ruined it.