DiS Beer Wankers 2.0

There are some warpigs stuff at valhallas now

Ain’t back til Friday :cry: got a nice magic rock badge though

Also we did the same edit

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Glad it’s not just me who takes this approach I like strong beers but, particularly during the week it’s generally going to be a fairly short night for me if I have more than one of them.

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Had some good beers last night inc a 7.2% Northern Monk IPA (I think it was Heathen but can’t confirm) and a half of Make Applepie Great Again by Cloudwater, which was nice but very sweet, would strongly advising tasting first if you get the chance.

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Had mine last night, lived up to expectations, was pretty incredible, really wish I could’ve gotten more!

Trying to maximise my chocolate intake today.


I’m yet to try a Fallen beer. Think it’s the uninspiring branding/can designs. Am I missing out?

The IPA is pretty drinkable but uninspiring.

Had this the other night. First I’d tried of theirs, really weird but really good. A sour IPA :thinking:Ordered another two off the back of it. Made an impression

Had this same night. Was rather good. Love a chili beer or any with a bit of a kick

They looked a lot better when they were bottles.

I think their range is decent yeah, grapevine and platform c are lovely, chew chew (and raspberry big dog) are great too if you’re into sweet, strong stouts

I’ll try anything. Very easily swayed by a snazzy design though

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Just finished a Siren Bourbon Milkshake and have cracked open a Mikkeller Imperial Stout. Current thoughts are that it’s a touch too imperial for my tastes.

How was the Siren? It’s on the list for my next Honest Brew order, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

You definitely get the bourbon taste in it; I thought it was a bit sweet for what I wanted at lunchtime on a Sunday but it was lovely and smooth. Don’t think I’ve been massively impressed by any of theirs in the past but I would drink this again.

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Good to know, cheers!

I often find that although I really like them, stouts just sort of sit in my cupboard waiting for the right weather or something so don’t want to just get another one for the sake of it and find it just joins the rest.

I occasionally wake up with an itch that only a stout will scratch and end up buying about six at a time. I wish I was smart enough to save some for later…

Cloudwater Bergamont sour… not up to much.

oh I really liked it, thought it was refreshing and well balanced