DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Yeah I need this, Verdant are easily my new favourite brewery, not had a bad beer by them yet and they nail my beer type of choice


Yes! The only issue is I’m mostly busy in the evenings! You work standard hours I take it?


Today’s haul


Went to Canada Day at Muted horn, it was alright but man that beer doesn’t travel so well


I really enjoyed Liquid Cuddle.


I’ve not had a bad Verdant beer. But currently I’m really liking Wylam.


BBQ Heineken. Aaahhh


Weren’t you thinking about going to the London Beer Factory? Could also pop in Gipsy Hill Brewery, Beer Rebellion, pop to one of the great pubs in Crystal Palace (especially Westow House for great food and The Grape and Grain), then walk towards Anerley station and pop into the Douglas Fir (micro pub owned by Gipsy Hill).


Oh is that the place in Peckham? Basically needs to be stuff open during the week and daytime


No it’s next door to Gipsy Hill Brewery. Not sure if it’s open during the week. But the other places are worth a visit, Beer Rebellion is opposite Gipsy Hill station. Douglas Fir is near Anerley station with decent pubs in between.


Drank the two barista project and the beer geek before bed last night. May have well just ate a packet of coffee beans. No sleep


London Fields Brewery has been bought by Carlsberg / Brooklyn. Wonder if they’ll make it in any way relevant again.


My friends sister used to go out with one of Julian De Vere Whiteway-Wilkinson’s friends in the early 2000s. We hung out with them very occasionally as young lads - absolute nutters.

Never rated his beer.


Yeah I’m usually well into fruity beers but Pogo was a bit too tangy? Didn’t really work for me.


To be fair, it’s not really the type of thing I’d usually buy. Anything with fruit or herbs added puts me right off. Having said that, I’d usually just drink it but I ended up tipping it away.


How about his coke?


Mate. I’d love to post some tales here but I won’t.


Hah! I’m enjoying the overlap with your avatar, here.


I’ve not had the canned version of Pogo. But I had a growler of it for Christmas and enjoyed it. But I like fruity beers. Tempted to try a can to see how it compares.


anyone had the Stone enjoy by 4th of July? There’s a place near me selling it but just wondering if anyone has seen it in London I could pick it up from tomorrow