DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I’ve had a few of the previous “Enjoy By”, they’re good, but I wouldn’t go super out of my way to get one.


fair, my new “local” bottle shop has it and it’s a sunny day so might walk along later but good to know :wink:


I had the Ice Cream Pale for the first time on Friday, It was fucking delicious. Then met some work people and spent the night drinking San Miguel which was fucking fowl.


Had both that and the Lemon Meringue pie at the Buxton Tap House with respective soft serve ice cream heads. Bloody lovely


Ordered the an And Union case and some other stuff from beerhawk.


King of the standard tins, by a wide margin


Westerham Bohemian Rhapsody - czech style pilsner

Terrible :frowning:

stay away imo lads



Nah mate. Nothing wrong with a cheap Heineken. No worse than any other ‘shit’ lager. It does the job and tastes fine.


It’s not even cheap!


It is on offer in Waitrose ATM bud, or the big bottles on 3 for £5 in Tesco


Alright James Bond.


Lager at that price point is much of a muchness




I am definitively not opening that can of worms again. I’ll only say that I was drinking this last night at £4 for 6 bottles and it’s alright


I’d be down for that! Where’s it from?




Until I finally live near an Aldi or a Lidl, a little part of me will always be sad.


I found out yesterday that my main beer/football buddy has been quite ill and may have Coeliac disease or Colitis, it hasn’t been diagnosed yet.

As such he is going to try a Gluten Free diet. Are there any decent Gluten free beers?

We are supposed to be going to the Oxted Beer Festival in a couple of weeks as we already have tickets. They do have a gin tent, cocktail tent and spirits, which will have to do him.


Brew Dog’s Vagabond Pale Ale is pretty decent, and beers by Omission are also very drinkable (though you have to be careful, apparently not all gluten free beers are actually fully gluten free or something). They always taste a little bit sweet to me, not sure if that’s a result of the process to remove the gluten.

Far and away the best one I’ve had was the Magic Rock one, Fantasma I think? Was a full on hazy murky IPA, I would have had no idea it was gluten free.