DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Don’t be. They’re shite.


There’s a great pub near me called The Sultan. They’re owned by Hop Back and do a couple of gluten free cask ales. And bottled ones. Crop Circle is great.



I didn’t realise Fantasma was gluten free. If so I might pick him one up, understandably he’s really down about it.


Yeah, hopefully they still have it available, it was delish:


I don’t think I’ve ever paid more for Heineken than I would’ve for any other equivalently bad lager. Also only ever get cans if I’m buying that kind of lager so the light-skunkiness is moot. I’d rather have Tyskie or similar but sometimes you don’t want to be wasted and have a terrible hangover.


Doesn’t appear to be anywhere in London and kinda ran out of time to get it in Berlin yesterday, ach well!


All of Redwell brewery beers are gluten free, and their pilsner, west coast IPA, kofra stout and steam lagers are all lovely


Norwich represent :heart:


I never knew that… their website isn’t very clear about it.


This suggests that it’s just the stout that’s gluten free?



Might be wrong about the pilsner if that pic is the lot… but pretty sure the redwell dude told me it was GF…

(Mikeller has a good line in GF too, think they do a peter pale and mary GF version… also if your mate likes sweet stuff, get him on the hopped mead)


Oh and Estrella Daura damm is GF and is pretty decent imo


Oh this is interesting. I’ll pass the info on.


Omission are available in most M&S branches and we have a small range of GF own brand beers. a Belgian pilsner, Belgian golden ale and and Kent IPA


Peroni do one too if we’re talking Big Beers. there’s also that Celia brand I’ve seen around quite a bit which I think is owned by Carlsberg.


Yes, the Redwell stuff is lovely.


Been a bit of talk here about the big brands redoing brand/packing - think this is nicely done by Carlsberg.


Never even heard of Carlsberg Black Gold before.

I thought these limited edition cans they did were quite cool, remember lots of jokes at the time about “looking forward to trying the new Cloudwater DIPA”

I noticed Fosters have had a recent tweak to make it more “vintage” as well.


Me neither, but the crest makes it look like something that was around in the 70s or something. I dig it.


Drygate Pilsner is a bit naff but GF. As is…williams bros caesear Augustus, I think. That’s an IPA/lager hybrid but more lagery I’d say. Though these are probably less readily available down near you.

But like pointed out above Fantasma is probably the best one. I usually keep an eye out because a couple of friends are in similar position. Can ask them if you want?

First Chop have one called Ava and there stuff is supposed to be decent.