DiS Beer Wankers 2.0




We’ve just got this in as a guest ale. Holy moly. Three of those made for an interesting :biking_man: home.


Ah didn’t realise their whole range was.

Think Estrella Galicia is GF too, and is one of the better lagers.


They do a GF beer, but I’ve never seen it around


Can buy it from my old shop online (Or could when I was there anyway)


That would be appreciated. Tomorrow I’m going to pop in my local beer shop, who I’m now quite pally with. They’re organising the craft beers for the Oxted beer fest, so I’ll ask them if they’ll be any gluten free beers.


Fine I’ll drink on my own then! (This is a nice shop)


Weird beard saison 14 on draft - YES

Crate SIPA - Lovely lovely session beer


argh mate you’re like 5 mins from my office and I’m stuck inside working


Really by homerton? When do you finish?


ah i figured you were in the bethnal green one as it says on the glass :wink:

I don’t finish until 6.30 and sadly have to shoot straight off to camden to see Animals As Leaders at Koko (don’t judge me)


Yeah fair, rest of the week?

Ha Howlett’s going to that too right?


I’m going to the Montpellier after work tomorrow night - or could maybe sneak a drink in around central from 5?

Think Howlett’s bailed on me… even the lure of 500ml Punk IPA cans couldn’t sway him


Bloody Howlett. Yeah I could make that work for one, I should be more central during the day tomorrow and Friday (gonna meet Howlett for lunch one of these days)


Okay cool, I have a meeting tomorrow that should be done by 5 at the absolute latest near Oxford Circus, I’ll give you a shout!


Cloudwater IIPA Centennial :dizzy_face:



Anyone been to the Tiny Rebel brewery? Going to Cardiff on a stag do tomorrow and passing Newport. Worth a trip in?


Not been, but like their beers a lot.

I haven’t been out in Cardiff for so long, I have no idea what the beer scene is like there.


I’ll let you know. I’m sure we’ll visit a Yates bar or two.