DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



This was at 4pm, keine bier vor vier!


@Severed799 and I also had a new cloudwater DIPA last night (JW Lees?) which I didn’t know existed - it was lovely as always (but really fucking expensive - cheers central london)

also had a Hammerton ‘New England’ IPA - not perfect but decent enough and cool to see smaller breweries jumping on the hazy bandwagon (because I love that style of beer)


Meeting mates from far flung corners of London tonight, so boozing in Waterloo later. Not been out round there in ages. Going to check out Waterloo Tap, and maybe the Kings Arms later when it quietens down.

Where else is good round those parts?




Open 'til 9. Nice. Will have a look.


Waterloo Tap is a right little treasure trove of beer. Pretty cheap too


Had a Cloudwater x JW Lees red ale last week (5%).
Was bang average unfortunately as was hoping for great things. Nice balance to it but taste was lacking.


The DIPA version was real good if you find it.

The second beer @badmanreturns mentioned was served at 2/3rds, which was fine, but the lady initially poured pints leading to a hilarious amount of money (like £16) something and an awkward “err can it be 2/3rds please”




I’ll keep an eye out for the CW, not beyond the realms of possibility we’ll get the Hammerton over this way (Shrewsbury), definitely not at those prices though!


following on from the above, i think there’s a fairly interesting conversation to be had around beer pricing - obviously central london craft beer places are just obscene, as places like the Stormbird etc. are able to charge far less for the same product in zone 2.

but the way in which places like Craft Beer Co. literally price their beers based on ABV (think this is just for cask but strong keg beers also still cost more than weaker ones generally) and the recent boom of £6 cans of DIPA does beg the question - why do stronger beers automatically cost more? do they actually cost more to make?


Something something tax… something something hops… something something time… I think generally yes they do, but maybe not to the level they’re priced, and there must be an element of marketing to it.


more resources do go into making a higher ABV beer generally but ingredients are like 1/5th of cost if you price it, so you end up paying more for labour, transport, marketing etc, which obv arent affected by ABV…

Taxed more on 7.5%+ beers iirc here


Yeah, its all a bit vague. I’ve tried to read up on it but can’t find a succinct explanation. I can understand that a bigger brewery can afford to sell beer cheaper than a small brewery. But I don’t understand why if I go to my local tap room, their keg beer is at least £1 more expensive than their cask.


There’s a tonne of reasons for disparity between keg and cask prices. A lot of it is simply due to perception - the fact that CAMRA has for years advocated for cheap real ale prices and promoted a discount culture, that has only undermined the industry in the long run.


Yup, dont tell anyone, but gotta sometimes overprice keg to keep cask down (if you see say a san miguel for like 5.40 in a place that sells cask, thats what theyre doing)

tbf though, sensible GMs should try make it back on spirits


Going to join the haven’t been to the brewery but had a pint of Hadouken a few weeks ago and it was lahverly


First post in this thread for a while. Been trying to reign it in of late. Cloudwater and Northern Monk blowout was needed


Yeah, I’m gleaning that it’s pretty much all to do with perception. I’ll often see Thornbridge’s Jaipur at pubs in town. You can get it on cask and keg but there’s often a price disparity of ~£1. Is the keg that much more pricey for Thornbridge to make? Or do they just know that a flatter, warmer version is a tougher sell? Clearly the latter.

It’s great if you like cask ale, but you have to wonder for how much longer these breweries can be arsed with it and everyone goes the way of BrewDog.


Had the hazemaker the other night, lovely. Really really like that Northern Monk range, class designs