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Friday, here we gan


Haven’t had a bad Patron’s Series yet. Just picked up travel notes and the saison. Looking forward to those


Yeah I’ve had it before, love it. The CW Loral and Ardi is the winner so far. The hype is deserved


Had the new brewdog vs cloudwater, it’s very good but not astounding


This blog by Beer Nouveau is good, showing the difference in price between producing the same beer in keg / cask / bottle.


Not outstanding? 4.5/5


I’m drinking my Travel Notes now. Its great


It was considerably better than anything else today, also everyone’s grading is different, dick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




yes! I am!


Brown Ale fans: get on Ollies Labradoodle Dandy

they put doughnuts in the mash


Just been out to two beers shops.

I got these 6 from Sanderstead for £15:

Arbor - Why kick a moo cow (big bottle)
Salopian - Lemon Dream
Burning Sky - Gaston
Fourpure - Juicebox
Cronx - Darjeeling Mango Wheat
Cronx - Lemon Saison

While from Oxted I only got three but it was also £15

Verdant - Some Fifty Summers
Lost and Grounded - No rest for dancers
Bouwerij Kees - Roxanne Blood Orange IPA

I really like Oxted as a shop and they are really knowledgeable and friendly but does that seem pricey or is Sanderstead cheap? Or simply the beers from each are about right?


Both shops seem cheap from that list - certainly cheaper than Clapton Craft anyway…

Had the Burning Sky Gaston last night and thought it was lovely. Haven’t had a Belgian style pale I’ve enjoyed that much in a fair while.


The friend who has been ill definitely can’t make the Oxted beer festival. I’ve also asked around and no one else seems interested so far.

If anyone here fancies a ticket let me know. There’s a number of bands playing, plus a game of cricket to watch. Sophie Ellis-Bextor is headlining. It’s probably the most middle class beer festival you can imagine.



It was really good. Didn’t taste 13% at all.


Picked up a tin of northen monk travel notes last week. Find out that the TV has been at it. Was really looking forward to it too.


Unbelievable :scream:



Sold a few bottles a few months back to some #shitlads who proceeded to drink them with whiskey chasers. Made me v. sad.


Oh dear. It really was great.



Canned rations Spiced IPA

its basically CURRY BEER

…not for me clive (although I drank it at 10am, so might be better later?)