DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



hmm, still dont know how to reply properly

sorry ynot, hope all is well with you


D x


Was really close to picking up a can out of curiosity when I was in the butchers over the weekend but had already got a bottle of wine. Glad I didn’t on that review.

Think I am finally going to try a Cloudwater dipa this evening.


sweden done well good beers.

best was probably sleepy bulldog


Anyone seen this? A BrewDog venture… but I’ve entered the blog category because it was really easy to do and the prizes look good…


Everything half price at Craft Beer Co on Leather Lane this week. Even on takeouts of all the the weird £60 bottles they have (or had).


ODB, yeah you know me.


Should have popped in at lunch today. Might head there tomorrow and see what’s left. Given pub mark ups I don’t know if you’ll get any super bargains, but worth a look I guess.


The Brewer Who Cannot Be Named sent an email to shareholders with a link to this and I was going to link you to it.

Forgot though.


Ha, no worries! I’ve been blogging less since I became a dad, but I did pretty well in the British Guild of Beer Writers awards so fingers crossed for this.


Does it go to a public vote? We could win it for you.


Nice! Which version? My favourite is V9


Nah, there’s a panel of judges, it’s all quite non-specific tbh (I don’t think they’ve really thought about the categories) so will be interesting to see how it goes.


the pictures of the stereotypes on that page have done me a little bit.


They have a photo of a female on the top of the page though, which really challenges my perceptions.


Tell it like it is, guys.


I love Burning Sky.


Pretty happy with this month’s flavourly delivery :


Evil Twin/Omnipollo Old Fashioned Lemonade IPA is cracking


Blind Pig stuff any good? noticed a local offie had it advertised in the window for cheap-ish.


No idea, but I’m looking forward to having a couple of beer wanker beers with you in August mate!