DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Good this


There’s a new bottle shop opened up in Crystal Palace. It looks quite decent so I’m going to have to pop in when I next visit my parents,



Und was?


another good’un (night everyone)


Manc breweries killing it atm huh?

If you like this, then there is a beer by Salopian called automatic (?) that tastes pretty damn similar (lower ABV tho iirc)


I could definitely do with a lower ABV ha so will check it out


has anyone tried this?

Schwarzbier infused with Shiitake and Porcini Mushrooms

Got a can, but bit scared of trying it tb everso humble


sounds… kinda gross?


Went to Craft Beer Co on Leather Lane this week, weirdly ran into my ex-uncle and had a quick half pint with him. Bottle collection had been pretty decimated already, no Cantillon, no Tilquin, but I got an interesting bottle of Drie Fonteinen for cheap so not too bad. Might head back today and see if they’ve restocked at all.


*hella gross




Thats what I first thought of when I read that. Could never bring myself to buy it, but the guy in the shop told me it was surprisingly nice


oh yeah, I think I tried that? Did I? dunno. drtunk.


I’ve had that it’s alright.

Sorachi hops tastes of Mushrooms anyway.

Have we done this convo before?


Yes we have


Its not too bad tbf,

got a umami taste, little bit of fruitiness and bitterness - kind of like a dark ale thats going a bit off (touch of sour)

That said, someone else I gave a taste to thought it was the worst.


Having this tonight, Mikkeller Spontanyuzu. It’s properly lovely, the first of their Spontan* I’ve managed to bring myself to buy (they’re so pricey!) but it’s so good. Like a really tart lemonade, with a slightly dry bitter finish, really quite something.


Managed to walk past my beer wanker shop today, despite knowing they had the cLoudwater verdant collab. Was very difficult but I did it.


Went to Craft Beer Co Clerkenwell on Wednesday for the half price thing. Had all sorts. Enjoyed…

Tiny Rebel’s Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter
Electric Bear’s Surface Area DIPA
Wiper and True’s Kiwi Lilt and Kaleidoscope
Rooster’s This is England
Harbour’s Pilsner

Felt so rank on Thursday but I think it was worth it. Spent about £25 all night.


Pop back. They might still be open! It is Friday…