DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Just gonna count the number of beers I have in and ask you if I should still pop back…

35… geez.


Haha! Ok, fair enough.


The answer is still yes.


Are YOU gonna pay my credit card bill?


Kind of tasted like Strepsils, but in a good way


I don’t pay mine all that regularly, so it might be a lovely novelty.


I got it.

It’s good.


So yesterday we went to The Hope, had a few in there before heading to The Sun as my boss only drinks shit chemical cider. Normally the Sun had a nice selection but this time it was terrible including three different Greene Kings. One called Bermuda Joes which I accidentally had and was rank.

Afterwards we went to a Russians house and drank black vodka. Im still sensitive now and my throat is burning.

Dark Star Tropical KO was lovely though.


Just got back from Croatia with a bunch of Croatian and Serbian wanker beers. Really love the label designs on the Kabinet ones.


Might have reached peak beer wanker.


Quite possibly.


Cloudwater have recalled Make Apple Pie Great Again



I never knew beer was so dangerous. What daredevils we all are!



Fuck that, BEER ME


Surely you’d just drink the frozen apple slush?


Yeah turn it into an ice smoothie, sounds awesome (and v boozy)


Tell you what I can’t get on board with. These sour beers. Drinking a Somerset Wild, which is just about passable, but had one from beer52 last month that I forget the name of which was probably the worst drink I have ever had in my life (finished it obvs because was about £3+)
Anyone actually enjoy them?




Would t drink them all the time but they can be nice on a warm day (for instance)