DiS Beer Wankers 2.0

The wet hop sounds really interesting, and the porter should be good.

I found the IPA to be really stock and disappointing, but the sour was absolutely one of the best sours I’ve had. Which as we’ve recently discovered is a controversial issue round these parts.

Missed off a lot of good Yorkshire breweries her namely: Atom, Great Heck, Great Newsome, Acorn etc

Cascade’s one of my absolute favourites as well. Had their New Zealand hopped South Island Pale from Morrisons the other week though and it’s great as well

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Love an Atom beer, and Great heck

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Oakham Citra seems to be always in my local shop and is really my kind of thing.

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Anything from Oakham really. Got polypins of their stuff for my wedding along with the usual box o’ beavertown because it was the best ‘everyone will love this’ option I could think of.

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next week’s going to be… fun?


I’m rather jealous.

I’m rather terrified :smiley:

I’m not sure yet what i’ll get along to but will obviously, drunkenly keep y’all updated. Fairly sure @blind_pilot, leg cast and all, is coming over for it

Two years this ago this week I was in Berlin for Union Berlin v Palace. If only this has been on then (it probably was and I didn’t realise).

yeah they’re playing QPR this saturday, weird obsession with London clubs huh. I might try and go along, depends how flat move is going.

It’s the third edition so it would have been on its first year when you went (assuming it was the same dates) and probably no where near as big, craft beer is a much newer phenomenon here

I loved the ground and my long weekend in Berlin too. I always planned to go back for an Union Berlin league game but never did. One day.

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would totally recommend it, it’s a really great atmosphere

I had South island pale ages ago, and didn’t really like it. Maybe they’ve improved it.

I loved the atmosphere just for the friendly. I can’t believe it was two years ago, I remember it vividly standing on the terrace, eating a German sausage and drinking beer.

The walk to the stadium through the forest etc.

If I do go back, I’l probably be alone, so we’d have to meet for a beer. Perhaps a weekend when both Union and Hertha at at home.

DiS beer meet in Berlin?

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Union and Hertha very rarely play at home the same weekend, not because of trouble or anything but just policing I think, you’d be looking at Dynamo (boo) or Borussia Tennis or one of the Turkish Teams if wanting two in one weekend!

but yes, DiS bier* meet in Berlin sounds like a plan :wink:


or going to Hamburg or Leipzig (boo) or Rostock (boo) as well

Not even if Hertha played on a Sunday and Union on a Saturday? I also remember a strong police presence after our friendly with Union, and going to some big pub/bar on a corner with police vans outside.

I remember worrying it might kick off, but the Union fans were as good as gold when the realised we were Palace.

actually, there’s probably some casual fans who go watch both teams too, so that might also be a reason. I think it’s maybe just not to overload the city with two different sets of fans over a weekend, even though they play at complete opposite ends of the city.

Union fans are fine, and Hertha are just kinda dull, but there are a few idiots who hang around the stadium sometimes, I think that’s the main reason for the police presence. Last year I saw them play Karlsruhe as well, who are rivals because Karlsruhe are friends with Hertha.

Anyway, the only time it’s happening this upcoming season (bar a cup run from both) is the weekend of the 10th of March:

Union vs FC Erzgebirge Aue
Hertha vs Freiburg

There’s a good chance that these get played Friday and Monday, but won’t know that until closer to the time. Save the dates!

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