DiS Beer Wankers 2.0

Bissel brothers are doing a tour of tap takeovers next week.
They’re doing northern monk next Saturday and I think they’re at mother Kelly’s and a few other places in the week

Lads look, bag of cans!


(P.s not drinking them all now obvs or I’d be in the canal)

loved all 3 of those lervigs (the evil twin is insaaaanely sweet)

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Excited, had tasty juice at muted horn the other day too. Look forward to making this my job again (lol)

I am indeed. I intend to drink enough that I forget all about my horribly mangled and fractured right leg.

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Yas! Let me know when and your plan etc, I.e beer where

I will do man: I’m likely to have a good few hours completely free on the Friday before the other lads are over, so will need someone to tell me where to go/drink with me.

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Excellent, sounds perfect! (Next week right?)

Aye, get in on the morning of the 28th

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Fancy/have time for hertha vs Liverpool?

Would have been super keen, but the stag do itinerary has us at BRLO at that point. No regrets.

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alright it’s quiet at work. Top 10 recommended Newcastle / North East beers (nothing limited edition, collaborations etc)

  1. Wylam - Jakehead (6.3% IPA)
  2. Almasty - Mosaic IPA (6%)
  3. Wylam - Into The Mystic (5.8% New England Pale)
  4. Almasty - Citra IPA (6%)
  5. Allendale - APA (5.5% IPA)
  6. Wylam - Hickey The Rake (4.2% Limonata Pale)
  7. Errant - Tusk (5.2% IPA)
  8. Newcastle Brewing Ltd - Satsuma IPA (6%)
  9. Newcastle Brewing Ltd - Newcastle IPA (5%)
  10. Sonnet - Impressment (5.4% American Pale)

*Newcastle Brown would be in this if it was still brewed here.

(I like IPAs)

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i’ve just booked myself a day off on my own in the toon after i see Ryan Adams at the Sage in September - just gonna spend the day drinking local beers and reading, can’t wait

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fair BRLO is pretty sweet, was there a couple weeks ago for their mini festival, hope the weather is good!

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I think I’ve posted something similar in this thread before, + gather you know Newcastle pretty well, but I posted this boozing guide the other day which may be of interest.

The new Arch2 (from Newcastle Brewing Ltd.) place under Byker Bridge in Ouseburn is especially good


cheers mate, yeah other than the usual spots i go to (Rehill’s/Wylam Tap Room/went to Free Trade Inn once which was boss) i don’t really know much as I used to mainly just stay indoors in Jesmond at my gf’s ha, so this is great!

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As you’re in that part of town, there’s also a good bottle shop called Block And Bottle near The Sage (just by the high level bridge on the Gateshead side). The Central (run by Head Of Steam) is also decent.

And this new place if you’re coming in on the train!

Ha shit I forgot I’ve had the dry hopped sour at muted horn when I was meeting with brewdog in march! Oh well, still awesome.

Alright, speaking of Yorkshire anyone ever been to Saltire? Off next week.

Just having a brewdog electric India, it’s really bad.