DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Yep, I like them when they’ve got a bit of that sour/bitter lemonade thing going on. Really works on a hot day, like you say.


Anywhere open near or in Whitechapel this time on a Sunday to get good beers?

Off for a BYOB curry


Mother Kellys?


Indo might take out too, that’s a good bar


Belgian lambics and geuzes are some of the greatest beers in the world. And a nice Berlinner Weiss or gose on a hot day is perfect.


Pretty much my favourite type of beers


Bit late now, but next time try Shelley Food and Wine on corner of New Road and Whitechapel Road. I popped in there to get some tins and was surprised to see that they had a pretty good selection.

I’ve stopped taking tins to curry places though. Always feel a bit bad.


I’m not a fan either, but nice that they’re on offer these days. The crap pub near work had one on the other week. Might have been a Sierra Nevada one, can’t remember. Anyway - they had to to warn everyone who ordered one as I don’t think feedback had been great.


Otra Vez, the cactus gose?


They have a lot of Sierra Nevada beer in there so I was thinking it might have been that… I can’t remember. It’s not a great pub, but has become the default office one.


Weird beard hype again (I swear I dont work for them)

Got some of the small batch of the Haceinda black saison with orange zest and the ‘frog is fired’ gooseberry pale ale (lovely tart finish) they’re brewing again.

Top beers <3 weird beard


Properly slipped away for a couple of years didn’t they. Used to be right at the forefront of anything around 2013-14. Only just started noticing them again tbh. Really liked Cardinal Wolf.


Just had a 1/3 of Burning Sky imp stout on draft. Fuck me that is a good beer.


The few WBs I’ve had I’ve liked, and yet I never think of them when I’m listing good breweries. I’ve stayed away from a lot of their more out there stuff though.


I really like some of their beers (Something Something Darkside is phenomenal), but I’ve had more dodgy bottles from Weird Beard than any other brewery. Puts me off buying their beer if there’s alternatives on offer.


Having both of these tonight

The Beersel smells like an actual farmyard, but not very sour, great Belgian beer.


is Sur Mosaic great (i.e worth the premium price) ? Always hover over buying it in the beer shop but end up going for something else


Apparently I’ve had it twice. Yes, it is. Not very sour, good hop taste. As long as you like mosaic hops and sours, you’ll be fine.


Just got my 500th check in on untappd :beers:


Nice one bud. Hope it was a goodun