DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Lots of coffee but not much coconut.



I have NEVER seen a reduced sticker on a beer. EVER.


Couple of DIPAs this evening. The Weird Beard was a boozy punch in the guts, but the Conan was a juicy bunch of lad. Big fan.


You’re not looking in the right places!


Had that Conan one recently it was lush


I just cracked open a North Brewery DIPA. pretty good.


I went for a pub lunch earlier as someone was leaving. I got a burger and pint meal deal but the barmaid wouldn’t allow me a Doombar (poor choice of ales) as the meal deal only included beers under 3%. I asked her to point me one out that was under 3% and couldn’t. She let me have the Doombar.


sentimental beers are the new hazefests




Your loss :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m in Stoke :expressionless:


Good god man, why?


Ice cream slushy beer!


Rather have a boddies :wink:


(of omnipollo lemon meringue)

Also on the tray:

To ol orange peel which I forgot I had already and is so so
Normal version of lemon meringue
Stone tangerine - nice!
De molten/omnipollo - pineapple dipa

All because I’ve ducked away from IKEA/moving trip and thunderstorm!


TVs auntie’s 60th. I’ve managed to avoid coming here for 11yrs, so had to take the plunge at some point.

Am drinking a nice titanic beer though


I am at a rainy beer festival in Peckham - just had a perfectly nice Villages session IPA. Gonna try a Hop Stuff beer next I think (no idea)


I’m a man of many skills


This was fucking amazing.


As were these