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A genuine British institution.


I’ve come to the conclusion I don’t really like Wild Beer beers - bought the Redwood yesterday and it’s got the sourness all their beers seem to have an not much else. I buy them because they’re weird but the novelty is wearing off.

Had a Dead Machine Rigor Portis earlier - would definitely have again.

Currently enjoying a Simcoe Pale Ale from The Kernel.


Cloudwater haul:
Pale ale centennial (3.4%)
Wit Loral (6.1%)
NW DIPA Ekuanot (9%)

ah man, all great. Wit v. drinkable, Ekuanot - lovely little bit of spice, fruitiness and zest bitterness at end


The redwood is excellent! It’s like duchesse de bourgogne!


Had a beer Wylam had brewed for friends of ham’s birthday at the weekend. Was great, one of the best I’ve had in a while. Similar to some of the cloudwater dipas.


I had the new DIPA London Ale the other night - was great, natch


Haven’t been drinking much recently but had a half of Cloudwater’s IIPA the other day. Nowhere near as nice as any of the V series; had a strange aftertaste that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.


Citrus Bay DIPA - Wiper & True

who’s had it?

We are getting some mixed reactions: some people think its AMAZING, others think its a swing and a miss by the guys. I personally think its top.


I had Further by Verdant last night, one of the best DIPAs I’ve had, really juicy and didn’t have any bitter aftertaste. As good as any of the cloudwater ones I’ve had. Maybe helped that it was super fresh (2 weeks in can), although I’m not sure if that really does make a massive difference.


The place I’m DJing at this evening has Beavertown so I’ll see if they have their DIPA, as I’ve not tried it yet. Otherwise I’ll be on Smog Rocket and Gamma Ray.


Anyone been to Hoplocker on the southbank? Is it eye wateringly expensive or just the usual level of London beer expensive? Trying to decide whether to bring so basic cans or bust out the cash.


Not been for a while, but I think the prices were pretty typical London expensive. They have a lot of good stuff though.


Cheers! It’s payday week so I reckon I’ll get two lagers as back up then see what they’ve got on.


I think @DJRoomba went there recently and picked up a ‘big’ can of Verdant Chasing Kevin for around a fiver, which is pretty good


Confirmed. And they had a really great selection but not particularly cold… That may have been a one-off though.


Its good (conflict on interest: I know the dudes who own/ run it)

They have/putting a rhubarb sour on tap (Mills brewery iirc) which ive heard is bossssss. Pls taste and feedback if you go!


Anyone had the Verdant Pineapple Express? V keen to try it. Can is beautz.


I’ve been frantically checking the Stormbird Instagram for can updates. None lately…


@badmanreturns @DJRoomba Right then, it’s definitely on. Love a rhubarb sour.


@Unlucky @Severed799

Hippo Beers have gone into liquidation apparently.