DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



@blind_pilot just told me :astonished::astonished::astonished:


Just messaged them and HB&B. The latter haven’t got any but are on the look out… No word from Stormy B yet.


went to saltire brewery last night, was really good as was the place itself.

when the heavy ales got too much tried a half of something from cloudwater which was smokey(?) anyway it was bad.

might pop into beermoth for some stuff later


Nice crossover


@blind_pilot and I had all the warpigs yesterday oh my!


Been there yet @Severed799?


Well no because it’s Pilzen, though I have been to the town for Fluff Fest


They have a new collab which is a smoked lager… I probably struggle with smoked beers more than any other.


What’s weird to think about is that prior to relatively modern advances in producing relatively smokeless coke rather than coal to burn as fuel and other developments, pretty much all beers were smoked, since that was the only process to dry / roast the malts. Also, they all pretty much used to be sour / bretted before advances in microbiology isolated the various modern yeast strains. It’s a head fuck.


People used to subsist on tripe and eels though. Guess you get used to whats on offer…

Palmed off the boy for the evening for an evening in Clerkenwell. Seeing what Wanker places I can drag my Mrs to.


Craft Beer Co on Leather Lane and the Dovetail for Belgian beers are my faves there (I work round the corner). The BrewDog is okay too, but you know, BrewDog (and eye-wateringly expensive).


Went and did this at last:



Include the taproom or that under a separate company?

Dunno how to edit that to get the pic to show.


I’m assuming the taproom is over too - that beer festival at SWG3 was also run by them and is also cancelled.


Ah, right. I work by Leather Lane. Pretty decent for pubs round there I reckon. I like the Jerusalem Tavern too but I think it’s shut at the weekend.

We actually had a quick one in BrewDog as it was opposite the hotel and it had started pissing down. Half of the Cloudwater New England IPA and a half of the Track Teton DIPA.


What a beautiful can:


Yeah it’s the whole thing


Looks like it’d be full of pot pourri.


Really nice - mild tropical fruit but not too sweet.


Was home alone last Friday and had to rush back, so did my beer shopping at lunch. Limited to what was available to take out from Craft Beer Co on Leather Lane. £17 for 5 cans/bottles and a half of Chiron while I was there. Not dreadful. That Orbit one was great. Had a bottle of Young’s Special London Ale the other night and it reminded me of that.