DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Sharing a can defintely sounds like the thing to do then.


We put a new beer on at work yesterday. Bermuda Joe’s.


Fucking awful.


Any suggestions for good beer in Helsinki? I’ve accepted that the booze is going to be super pricey, so if I could get something good for the money, I’d much prefer it!


Told you so. :smiley:


It’s total mince, bet you could get proper smashed on it on a sunny day though.


Can’t remember exact venues but the district Kallio isn’t too pricey compared to the rest of the city. We were paying London ish prices €4-5 a pint in 2013. It’ll be more like > €6 in the city centre. That was more lagers and stuff though. Did have a blueberry ipa which was brilliant but before I started using untappd so no idea where i drank it or who made it.
It’ll all be expensive now though with the exchange rate


Northern Monk x Alefarm
Peach Farmhouse Ale
Blueberry Wild Ale

These cans are ridiculously good looking eh? Looking forward to cracking open the blueberry wild

this is the dude whose pics are printed on the cans


Hoping they have some of these on or in when I visit at the weekend. Haven’t had a bad Patron’s Series yet (although the black IPA pushed that)


I actually had quite a decent Greene King beer tonight. My local is a Greene King pub, normally they have guests but didn’t tonight.

I had a pint of Amplified, it was suprisingly nice.


It’s odd that their seasonal, or non regular, beers tend to be way better than the more widely available brews. I mean, I don’t know how they can call their “IPA” by that name… I was in a gay bar in Soho a while back - and gay bars rarely have any decent beers, in London anyway - so I chose the “craft lager” that they had on the bar. And it was all right. I’d never heard of Noble lager before so I looked it up. Turned out to be Greene King going incognito.


I like the sound of the “Milksmoke”


Anyone tried the LanGOSEtine from Marble? I bought a can because I’m a sucker for the ridiculous.


These are all dangerously plausible.


Presumably Jain is the Dog is a comment on reincarnation and repetition in relation to hop balance.

Though that would imply the beer was far from finished.


Going to this next weekend, whopper beers and a saturday afternoon evening of Feist, Bon Iver and The National? That’ll do nicely ta


Gandalf’s Memory Stick


Saw that and it seemed like a beer where they started with the pun name and worked from there.

Would like to know what its like but not for me because of my fish allergy.


I love seafood, love gose, and gigled for two minutes when I read the label, so I reckon I’m as close to the target audience as they’re likely to find. I will report back when I drink it this weekend.


That looks amazing.


I’m rather jealous.