DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Shit that’s like £15 a can in some places. Ouch.


Yeah I guess we got ‘lucky’ - but still, had to leave most of it in the glass!


Whitstable Bay blonde, one of my favourites


This is bloody lovely


The king of AM beers


Nice drop, barely tastes like beer though.

Had Bacchus for the first time last night, as I’m not really into fruit beer but again could barely taste the beer so really enjoyed it.


I like that you tag me when you get a sour :blush: I spent 20 quid on sours yesterday! Om nom nom. I’d completely forgotten about Westbrook!! I haven’t had any for so long :sob:

I got -
6 degrees north chain reaction
Buxton trolltunga
Siren CapHeine
Holy crab lanGOSEtine
Little white cloud gooseberry edition

Also a couple salty kiss just to drink like water :smiley:


My local has this in this weekend, a decent looking sour fest


Jesus I need to find “Bret the Hitman Tart”


I had one of these last night - didn’t realise it was a sour when I bought it. Couldn’t really taste the coffee but it’s not a sour sour and has a bit of warmth to it.


On a coach to Magic Rock


You couldn’t taste the coffee? Wow I’m surprised. I thought it was quite strong with coffee. I love it, it’s mad that it’s pink but then tastes like coffee, it confuses my brain. In a good way.


You don’t need to mention it every half hour :wink:


Umm, yeah I do


I think my sinuses might have betrayed me last night too in that case!


Stupid sinuses!! Who needs sinuses anyway? The prick!


I picked up a can of this earlier along with some others, It was only £1.89, plus 10% off with my Camra card. Hope it’s good.


Grapefruit shandy innit?


@hip_young_gunslinger Bissell Brothers TTO in Northern Monk

Not the best photo but left to right…

  • Substance Ale
  • Engram
  • Lux
  • Baby Genius

They are all lovely, but I probably like Engram the best.


Had some interesting beers tonight.

Beavertown - Canned Rations
Siren - Acid Jam
Tempest - Marmalade On Rye

Canned Rations was alright. Just tasted like a fairly standard IPA TBH.

Acid Jam was… not pleasant. I like a sour but thing tasted like a combination red wine vinegar and scrumpy. It also gave me heartburn.

Marmalade on Rye was decent but also a fairly straight IPA considering it was brewed with ginger and oranges.

Thanks for listening.