DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Yup, perfect sommer freierabendbier


Just call it a shandy man


Have they got ‘nothing gold’ on? Or ‘here’s to feeling good’ (iirc)

both top beers

Baby Genius is so good as well


Just those 4. Baby Genius was lovely though m


If I’m gonna call it anything then it’s a radler


Shandy :wink:





My beer purchases from yesterday.

I just had the Wiper and True Citrus Bay DIPA. As it was so cheap I didn’t realise it was a DIPA. It’s really, really nice at 9.5%


wow so cheap
awooga :eyes:


With my Sunday roast, I had:

Dark Star Hophead
Wild Beer Co Redwood
Turner’s Elderflower Cider
and then another Redwood…


Think I paid a fiver for a normal wiper and true ipa the other day…


And I couldn’t even finish it due to an incredible hangover.




It did seem ridiculously cheap. I may have to go back and stock up.


Seems like loads of people had Omnipollo Ice cream beers this weekend.
I had the Original Ice cream pale. So vanillary but I enjoyed it.

Think I’m going to try the Siren Coffee DIPA this evening.


They brought out some new flavours at a London festival didn’t they? Probably why.


Was looking for the Ekuanot DIPA really.


bit of a long shot but can anyone here recommend any good beer places in munich?

not sure if germany’s largely pilsner only? i went berlin a few years back but it was my pre beer wanker life


Munich has some good craft stuff, & Union most notably, but also crew Republic. But even so, the bayern region is home to be best helles and weiß bier in the world so I wouldn’t worry too much