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Cloudwater X Other Half
Imaginary Greenscapes
Imperial IPA (8%)


great beer


Lollllllll good beer places in Munich are you kidding? They make the best lagers in the world and you’d be a fool not to indulge in them. The Hofbrauhaus, Lowebrau and Augustiner are my top recommendations. Seriously, even if you don’t normally drink lager because you prefer hoppy stuff, go with it, these places are incredible experiences.


Had the best time in the Hofbrauhaus


How could you not? It’s like reaching beer Valhalla.


There a great photo of me with two Maß and a pretzel. Man, Munich was a messy trip. Augustiner was great too.


also to answer your broader question, the big three, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, have all begun to fully embrace Craft, the rest of the country, not so much.

Also hot tip: If you are ordering/going to Hofbräu or Löwenbräu and don’t want to sound like a complete tourist, they’re pronounced “Hof-broy”/“Lurven-broy”. Also Augustiner is “Ow-gust” rather than “Or-gust”

apologies in advance if you already knew this and I’m being patronising, or if you have no qualms with sounding like a tourist :wink:

oh and a “stein” is something the English kinda decided, if you want to impress, call it a “mass”


haha cheers for the tips. nah I just didn’t know what to expect, don’t really drink much abroad but think this one will be quite boozy.

will check out all those places and at least try to try the pronunciation


Could definitely do with a big currywurst, pommes and helles right now


I could go out and get that now conceivably, but I did last night before thee oh sees and have had my fill


you tried Hiedenpeters stuff in Berlin? Loved that stuff when I was there last summer, made a nice change to the dozens of pilsners I had

also not beer, but that Berliner Sommer stuff phwoar


yup had a couple, and are decent, there’s loads popping up in Berlin now but them, Berliner Berg and BRLO (and Stone) are the most widely spread. I’m yet to have a truly remarkable German craft beer though, I’m not sure if it’s the techniques or the hops or whatever but I’m yet to be blown away by anything but plenty of nice stuff which yeah is a nice break from pils/helles every now and then.

Ooh I’ve not had that Berliner Sommer stuff yet but i’ve seen it around, what is it exactly? It’s like 10% right?


Yeah just like a strong fruity lemonade type thing, really nice.

Very fond memories of this time last year drinking it in Berlin. Wanna go back


nice! I’ll need to give it a try.

yeah mon over, there’s never a bad time really (well winters can be tough)


Anyone bother with Great British Beer Festival anymore? Not been in a good few years, but always enjoyed back before beer festivals became a weekly fixture.


I thought about going but beer festivals in general have got too busy for me. Takes too long to get served nowadays. Besides which, I can do a pub crawl taking in half a dozen pubs if we so choose, l in most parts of London, where I live, and sample at least two excellent beers in each pub as we go. Who needs a beer festival nowadays? I did travel down to Surbiton (where a mate lives) last month for a beer festival in a pub called The Antelope which was pretty good though. And I went to a pub beer festival at a pub called the Snooty Fox in Canonbury, over Islington way, which had some excellent and unusual beers and ciders available last October.


love the Antelope


Yeah, kind of my attitude too. I think my local probably has more stuff than I can get through in an evening anyway… GBBF was always a laugh though as it attracted all sorts.

Still not been to The Antelope. Really want to check it out.


Could anyone recommend any good pubs for a pint or bottle shops in Liverpool to pick up some train beers?
I’ll have a couple of hours before and after Liverpool v Palace next weekend.


I think Arkles is the away pub up there but it’s rubbish.

We always go to The Grapes which is quite near Lime St station and has a nice selection of cask ale.

Ship and Mitre is really good too

I think they might do those milk container type take outs, but there’s an M&S at Lime Street for train beers.


Thanks the last one looks ideal as it’s got a bottleshop too.

Question did you walk from the station to Anfield?